Hayes Grier Biography

Hayes Grier, a 16-year-old social media personality, has gained immense fame and popularity at such a young age. Following in the footsteps of his older brother Nash Grier, Hayes started posting videos on Vine and quickly rose to celebrity status. He became a part of the MagCon tour and formed friendships with other popular Vine personalities. With millions of followers on various social media platforms, Hayes has firmly established his presence in the world of television, internet, and social apps. He was even nominated for a Teen Choice Award. Additionally, Hayes is set to make his mark in the literary world with his upcoming book, ‘Hollywood Days with Hayes’.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 23 Years
  • Family:
    • Father: Chad Grier
    • Mother: Elizabeth Floyd
    • Siblings: Nash Grier (Older Brother), Skylynn (Half-Sister), Will Grier (Older Brother)
  • U.S. State: North Carolina

The Meteoric Rise to Fame

Even before Hayes knew it – his fate to stardom was sealed en route his brother Nash Grier. Born to a football coach, little did Hayes realize that he was walking into stardom by following his brother Nash Grier, a social media personality! Schooled at Davidson Day School, Hayes life changed dramatically when his brother started rolling videos for Vine. Following suit, he too started uploading videos on Vine and in no time became a star of his own right. No sooner, Hayes found himself everywhere – on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. In 2013, he joined his brother and other popular Vine personalities on the tour MagCon (Meet and Greet Convention). As of September 2016, Hayes has about 3.58 followers in Twitter, 4.4 million followers on Vine, and 5.5 million followers on Instagram. His YouTube channel is quite popular with the audiences and viewers.

What Makes Hayes Grier Special

No it isn’t his blue eyes, brown hair or attractive looks that make him special (though we agree that it adds on to his super handsome quotient), Hayes Grier is special because of his grit, determination and drive to succeed. He knows for the fact that it is his fans which helped create him as a social media personality and thus shares a close relationship with them. He appreciates the love bestowed upon him and is grateful for it. Merely at 16, Hayes is following his brother’s footstep to stardom like a pro. He has made himself available everywhere – be it television, internet or even publishing houses. And rest assured, he is surely here to stay for long!

Beyond Fame

There is a lot more to Hayes than being a social media personality alone – a multi-talented personality, ever since rising to prominence, Hayes has expanded into television, brand partnerships and app development. Hayes was a celebrity contestant on the 21st season of ‘Dancing With The Stars’, partnering Emma Slater. The youngest male contestant to have ever been on the show, he finished the season at the 8th position. In early 2015, he joined the Dancing With The Stars Tour. Hayes was also reported to star in the TV show ‘Freakish’ in Hulu TV. He also has a reality show on the app go90 called Topgri.er. He also appeared in the news show, Good Morning America. His debut novel, ‘Hollywood Days with Hayes’ marks his foray into the world of books. He sets the book, based on the hit Episode story, during the days of a Hollywood shoot. The book shall be launched in November 2016. He launched a clothing line with his brother Nash Grier and another popular Viner, Cameron Dallas, through Aeropostale in 2014. Recently in July 28, 2016, Hayes was involved in a dirt bike accident that sent him to hospital for two days.

Behind The Curtains

Hayes Grier was born on June 8, 2000 to Chad Grier and Elizabeth Floyd. He has three siblings, two elder brothers and a half-sister. His eldest brother, Will Grier is a quarterback at the West Virginia University. His second brother, Nash Grier is a Vine personality and an internet sensation, whom Hayes followed suit in 2013. His half-sister Skylynn was born out of the wedlock of his mother Elizabeth and her current husband John Floyd. Interestingly, the cute Skylynn has featured in a number of videos posted by her brothers, Nash and Hayes Grier. Hayes completed his schooling from Davidson Day School, like his brother Nash Grier. As for his love affairs, Hayes hasn’t dated anyone publically.

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