Helen Morris Biography

Helen Morris, the fifth wife of Academy Award winning director Martin Scorsese, is a former book editor and TV producer. Despite gaining media attention through her marriage to Scorsese, Morris had a successful career as a book editor at ‘Random House’ before that. She has also produced the TV series ‘Daisy, Daisy’ and has been acknowledged for her contributions in documentaries. Morris values her privacy and is not active on social media or in giving interviews. Additionally, she is known for her philanthropy and her efforts to support charities.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 76 Years
  • Gender: Female
  • Spouse/Ex-: Martin Scorsese
  • Father: Stephen Van Cortlandt Morris
  • Mother: Persis Mason Morris
  • Children: Catherine (Step-daughter), Domenica Cameron (Step-daughter), Francesca (Daughter)
  • U.S. State: New York

Career & Fame

Helen Morris grew up in an aristocratic family, surrounded by art, literature, culture, history, and intellectual conversations. This upbringing greatly influenced her, as she possessed exceptional intelligence. In 1989, she began working as an editor on ‘The Reader’s Catalog’, a massive list cataloging 40,000 of the world’s greatest books at that time. Although the job was exhausting, it proved to be an enormously enriching experience for her.

Despite her education and aristocratic background, Helen Morris had to work extremely hard to establish herself as a force to be reckoned with in the publishing world of New York. In an interview, she admitted that she was so consumed by her work that life seemed to pass her by. In 1990, she received a major setback when she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative nervous system disorder. However, she only allowed herself to worry for one night before moving forward with her life. She accepted that the disease would be a part of her life, but it wouldn’t stop her from pursuing her goals.

Helen’s determination led her to become even more obsessed with work, often ignoring her surroundings or waking up at random times to think about work. By 1995, she was living alone and working for ‘Random House’, where she was involved with their in-house magazine. During this time, she had a meeting with Martin Scorsese, who was interested in her editing the memoir of his late friend Michael Powell. Although their first meeting was unremarkable, Martin noticed Helen’s voice during a meeting and was immediately attracted to her beauty and intelligence. Helen also found him interesting and funny. Their relationship deepened when Helen became involved in editing Martin’s mother’s recipe book. They fell deeply in love after Helen joined Martin in Morocco in 1996, where he was filming ‘Kundun’.

Being in a relationship with Martin Scorsese also brought Helen her fair share of fame. In December 1996, they returned to the United States, and Helen moved in with Martin. Everything fell into place, and at the age of 51, she became pregnant with their child. They got married in July 1999 and welcomed their daughter in November. Helen is often seen accompanying her husband to red carpet events and has also produced the TV show ‘Daisy, Daisy’ in 2001.

Personal Life

Helen Schermerhorn Morris was born in 1947 in Manhattan, New York, USA. Her parents were Stephen Van Cortlandt Morris and Persis Mason Morris. Her father was a career diplomat in the US Foreign Service. The exact date of Helen’s birth has not been revealed to the media. She was briefly married when she was young but later divorced. After a bad semester at Georgetown University, she decided to live in Paris with her diplomat father. She eventually returned to New York to pursue a degree in Oriental Studies from Columbia University.

Helen started dating Martin Scorsese in 1995 and they got married on July 22, 1999. They have a daughter together named Francesca Scorsese, born on November 16, 1999. Helen is also the stepmother to Martin’s two other daughters from previous marriages, Catherine and Domenica Cameron.

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