Hunter In The Gym Biography

Meet Hunter, a ten-year-old gymnastics prodigy who gives tough competition to professional gymnasts. With the support of her family, Hunter is able to pull off almost any skill in gymnastics and has even started her own YouTube Channel where she posts videos of her routines and teaches skills online. Her videos, which often include challenges with her sportive brother Sky, have become huge hits with thousands of views. With over 87K subscribers on YouTube, Hunter has also gained popularity on other social media sites, boasting a fan following of more than 8.7K on Instagram and 361 followers on Twitter.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 17 Years
  • Family:
    • Mother: Jyl
    • Siblings: Sky
  • Born Country: United States
  • U.S. State: Colorado

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

In June 2014, she gained recognition after uploading a video on YouTube titled ‘How to do a Stride Circle’. Within days, the video received over 100 views, boosting her confidence. Encouraged by this, she started uploading more videos showcasing her gymnastic moves and skills. Recently, she has also started uploading family challenges. With a growing fan base, she created another channel called ‘Hunter in the Kitchen’ where she shares cooking videos. Her (now TikTok) videos have also gained popularity. It seems like there is no stopping this young lady!

What Makes Hunter So Special

Hunter is known for her bubbly and enthusiastic personality. Besides being a talented gymnast, she is also a beautiful and stylish young girl. She is a loving and caring daughter who enjoys filming her family. Unlike most kids her age, she prefers spending time with her family and close friends. Hunter loves playing sports and has a passion for food. Her confidence and energy are infectious, and her positivity shines through in her videos. She is always eager to try new things, learn, and help others.

Behind The Curtains

Hunter was born in Colorado and lives with her mother Jyl, her brother Sky, and their dog. She enjoys making videos with her family and spends a lot of time with her friend Lexy, who is also a YouTuber. At her young age, she is not dating anyone. Hunter loves challenging her brother to various tasks, not just in gymnastics but also in cooking, drawing, and other challenges. She shares these videos on her YouTube and Twitter accounts. Her mother and brother support her in all her endeavors and help her improve her videos. Hunter is a bright student, with Science being her favorite subject in school. In addition to gymnastics, she also has a love for music and has taken a liking to the ‘TikTok’ app.


Hunter’s best friend Lexy is also a gymnast, and the two of them are currently working on a collaborative YouTube channel with their mothers called ‘Girls in the City.’

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