Ilani Pierre Biography

Ilani Pierre is an American ‘YouTube’ vlogger, known for her channel ‘Pierre Sisters,’ where she shares vlogs and fun videos that give a glimpse into her life and that of her siblings. She is also a part of the collaborative ‘YouTube’ venture ‘Amanda & Jimmy’s World’ and is active on ‘Instagram’ and ‘TikTok,’ where she showcases her lip-sync and dance skills.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 16 Years
  • Family: Siblings – Amanda, Olivia
  • Born Country: United States

Rise to Fame

Pierre began her social-media career quite young, with the ‘YouTube’ channel titled ‘Pierre Sisters.’ Created on November 30, 2011, the channel showcases the lives of Pierre and her two sisters (two of her eight siblings). The first video on the channel, titled ‘BLAST FROM THE PAST – Miami Gymnastics Level 3 at Cruise Classic – PIERRE SISTERS OFFICIAL CHANNEL,’ was posted in February 2013.

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The video featured Pierre’s sisters, Ilani, Sonny, Jolie, and Zoey, performing their first ‘Level 3 Competition’ at the ‘Park Avenue Cooper City’ for ‘Miami Gymnastics and Dance.’ The sisters performed well and won medals. However, no videos were posted on the channel for the next few years.

In June 2017, Pierre made an appearance on her older sister’s channel ‘Amanda & Jimmy’s World,’ which Amanda runs along with her boyfriend. Pierre has made a few more appearances on the channel later.

Pierre’s first vlog for her channel was published in February 2019. It was titled ‘ILANI CAN SING Ilani and Samie’s Cake Challenge – PIERRE SISTERS OFFICIAL CHANNEL.’ Since then, Pierre, along with her sisters, has been publishing daily routines, fun internet challenges, comedy skits, DIY projects, and “Q & A” videos on the channel.

She featured Janelle in the video titled ‘WHAT!?? – Who’s Most Likely To Challenge – Ilani and Janelle – PIERRE SISTERS OFFICIAL CHANNEL,’ published in March 2019. In another “Q & A” video, posted in February 2019, she featured her sister Samie. Pierre mentioned that she was looking forward to organizing a “Meet & Greet” event somewhere in Miami every year. She also stated in the video that ‘TikTok’ had suspended her account.

Pierre and her biological mother came together on the vlog titled ‘Ilani and her Mom’s side of the story! watch full vid!.’ Published on July 2, 2019, the video featured the mother–daughter duo as they related their take on the argument that had taken place between ‘YouTube’ duos ‘Panton Squad’ and ‘AJ Mobb.’ The channel has amassed more than 74 thousand subscribers to date.

The Pierre sisters have an ‘Instagram’ account that showcases pictures from their vacations and daily routine. The page has accumulated over 270 thousand followers. Pierre also owns a separate ‘Instagram’ page that has around 286 thousand followers.

Personal Life

Pierre was born on July 30, 2007, in the United States of America. She grew up with eight siblings, including Amanda (older sister) and Olivia, who regularly feature on the ‘Pierre Sisters’ channel. Not much is known about her parents yet. In one of the videos, titled ‘LETTER TO MY KIDS (Pierre Sisters) Amanda & Jimmy’s World,’ Amanda, who had earlier often been questioned about her relationship with the Pierre sisters, cleared the air. She mentioned that the Pierre sisters were her half-sisters from her father’s side and not her kids. Amanda also clarified that Pierre’s biological mother, Sherry, was white.

Pierre had started her gymnastics training at the age of 3 but quit it at 9. All the Pierre sisters were trained in gymnastics, under coaches Alexander and Dominique. Pierre loves cats. She hates Florida, as it is too hot there.

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