Ivana Santacruz Biography

Ivana Santacruz, a Germany-based Instagram star with over 1.6 million followers, is known for her dance, fitness, and fashion-related posts. She has recently launched her own dance and fitness program called ‘Sweat & Dance’ to inspire others. With almost 175k subscribers on YouTube, she is also a successful YouTuber. Santacruz has signed a sponsorship deal with PUMA and promotes their products on her feed. She has her own clothing merchandise available for sale and was chosen as the German face for the promo tour of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’. In 2018, she attended the ‘World Fitness Day’ event in Frankfurt.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 27 Years
  • Partner: Abbas Mourad
  • Height: 5’6″ (168 cm)

heading: Rise to Stardom

Ivana Santacruz was an athletic child who trained in gymnastics, but an injury forced her to abandon her professional sports ambitions. It is her love for music that encouraged her to begin dancing when she was 14. She became interested in fitness when she visited a McFIT gym at the age of 16. While the first experience at the gym was quite exhausting for her, she continued her fitness journey, often combining it with dance moves. She began to randomly post her own blend of fitness and dance videos on Instagram in 2014, and her first video was performing a set to the tunes of ‘One Drop’ by QQ. Her videos attracted an increasing number of fans, which made it all the more fun for her. By the end of 2016, she had amassed nearly 700k followers on Instagram and decided to focus more on her YouTube channel. She joined YouTube back in September 2014, but her first video was only uploaded in early 2016. She became more regular on YouTube by the end of 2017 and uploaded dance and workout videos, vlogs, Q&A’s, room tour videos, unboxing, and more on her channel. While her YouTube channel is still picking up, she has made a name for herself as a fitness model on Instagram and launched her own dance and fitness program.

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While she is well-versed in street-dance, she told NA-KD in December 2018 that she finds modern dance quite inspirational. She also loves classical dance and had once gone to a ballet in New York, even though she could not dance. She did an internship in graphics designing and feels that she would have chosen that profession had she not found fame on Instagram. While she loves to show her creativity on social media platforms, she is also interested in acting on stage, and loves photography as well.

heading: Family & Personal Life

Ivana Santacruz was born on January 23, 1996, in Puebla, Mexico to a Mexican mother and an Italian father. However, at the age of five, she relocated with her mother and German stepfather to Germany where she was raised. Apart from German, she can fluently speak Spanish because it is her mother tongue. She can also speak in English, and while she understands Italian, she cannot speak in that language very confidently. Santacruz moved out of her parents’ house following her 18th birthday, and she is very proud of making it on her own. She is very close to her mother, whom she considers her best friend. She gifted her mother a car recently.

Ivana Santacruz has been in a relationship with Instagram star and model Abbas Mourad since November 2017. They first got to know each other through Instagram and communicated via direct messages before finally meeting in person in Milan. He is a fashion and style guru in his own right and has over a million followers on his Instagram account. They have worked together for many modeling assignments and have travelled for the same, including to the US.

Despite the fact that her current life revolves mostly around the internet, specifically Instagram, she is a private person who loves to spend her time offline. She also prefers to go to movies rather than to clubs or parties, even though she admits that she partied a lot when she was in her late teens. She loves home-cooked meals but cannot cook herself, and often depends on her mother or boyfriend for the same. She is mostly vegetarian, but loves fish, especially shrimp and salmon. Among all the countries that she has visited and lived in, she loves Germany the most because it is very organized and its people are punctual and disciplined. Ironically, she is admittedly a very messy person and cannot keep things organized.

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