Jackie James Biography

Meet Jackie James, the American social media sensation who gained popularity on TikTok. With over 3.5 million fans and 133 million likes on her official TikTok account, jaxajueny, Jackie is known for her entertaining lip-syncs, rants, POVs, and other random videos. She is also a celebrated figure on Instagram, where she has amassed a following of over 232k on her jaxajueny account. On Twitter, Jackie goes by the handle taurus girl (@jaxajueny) and has garnered close to 250k followers. Get ready to be captivated by Jackie James’ engaging content across various social media platforms.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 20 Years
  • Born Country: United States
  • Height: 5’8″ (173 cm)
  • U.S. State: North Dakota

Personal Life

Jackie James was born on May 3, 2003, in the state of North Dakota, United States. While she has not revealed much about her parents or family, Jackie once shared that she has ancestral ties to South Sudan. Her zodiac sign is Taurus.

According to Jackie, she was drawn toward activism in fifth grade. She hinted at facing racial problems at a fairly young age which eventually compelled her to become an activist. As such, she has been an active supporter of the famous Black Lives Matter movement.

Rise to Fame

Jackie James is a well-known face on TikTok with a following that goes millions in number. She hosts a wide and vivid range of content on the platform that includes lip-sync performances, beauty content, hauls, POVs, along with other random content. Some of her content also carries political and social undertones which have also added to her popularity.

Jackie James was previously active on TikTok as fatherco0n. Outside of TikTok, she has also garnered notoriety on Instagram. Even though she is not quite active on Instagram, Jackie James still maintains an admirable follower base on the platform.

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Jackie James is yet to make her much-awaited Youtube debut. Nevertheless, her TikTok videos have been hosted on channels such as vivacxty, GameOfShorts, and Tiktok_tiktok. Jackie James has also made an appearance on SXSW and Bustle.

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