Jasmine Chiswell Biography

Introducing Jasmine Chiswell, the renowned TikTok star known for her impeccable impersonation of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe. With millions of fans on TikTok, Chiswell has captivated audiences with her pitch-perfect portrayal and gained popularity for her lip-sync and comedy videos. As an eminent celebrity on the platform, her official TikTok account, jasminechiswel, boasts over 11.8 million fans. Notably, Chiswell’s husband, Maverick McNeilly, is also a TikTok personality, adding to their dynamic presence in the digital realm.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 30 Years
  • Born Country: Scotland


Jasmine Chiswell made her YouTube debut in early 2019. She mostly made lifestyle videos that comprised makeup tutorials and vlogs. While her channel was slowly gaining traction, it wasn’t until she joined TikTok that fame truly reached her. Jasmine earned popularity by impersonating Marilyn Monroe in her videos. Her performance and style have led many to believe that she is the reincarnation of the late actor.

Within a short time, she managed to become one of the most popular content creators on TikTok. In July 2020, the official website of Vogue, a renowned fashion magazine, published an exclusive blog on Jasmine Chiswell.

Personal Life

Jasmine Chiswell was born on December 9, 1993, in Glasgow, Scotland. She completed her school education in Scotland and later moved to the United States to pursue higher education. She told in one of her videos that she initially aspired to make a career in the field of medicine, but she couldn’t clear some of the important exams and decided to enroll in a degree program in film production. She later joined the New York Film Academy when she moved to the United States.

Jasmine Chiswell is married to Maverick McNeilly, a music producer and a TikTok celebrity. Maverick is quite supportive of Jasmine’s choice of career and appears in many of her videos. In 2021, Jasmine revealed that she is pregnant with their first child. The couple lives in the house that was once owned by Marilyn Monroe herself. Jasmine stated that they bought the house through an auction. Not much information is available on her parents and family. In one of her videos, Jasmine told that her parents separated when she was 17.

Social Media

Jasmine Chiswell has an Instagram account (jasminechiswell) and has over 746k followers. Her YouTube channel, Jasmine Chiswell, has over 353K subscribers.

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