Jonathan Nolan Biography

Jonathan Nolan is a highly acclaimed English-American screenwriter, director, producer, and author. He has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry through his creations such as the popular sci-fi series ‘Person of Interest’ and the captivating science fiction drama ‘Westworld’. Collaborating with his brother, Christopher Nolan, he has co-written several successful films, including the Academy Award-nominated thriller ‘Memento’. Nolan’s talent extends to writing scripts for blockbuster movies like ‘The Dark Knight’, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, and ‘Interstellar’. His exceptional work has earned him numerous awards and nominations, including Primetime Emmy Award recognition for his outstanding directing and writing contributions to ‘Westworld’. Despite his achievements, Nolan remains humble and chooses to stay away from social media. He holds a degree from Georgetown University and is happily married to producer and screenwriter Lisa Joy, with whom he shares two children.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 47 Years
  • Gender: Male
  • Family:
    • Spouse/Ex: Lisa Joy (m. 2009)
    • Father: Brendan James Nolan
    • Mother: Christina Nolan
    • Siblings: Christopher Nolan, Matthew Francis Nolan
  • Born Country: England
  • Occupation: Directors, Screenwriters
  • Height: 6’2″ (188 cm)
  • City: London, England
  • Ancestry: British American
  • Education: Georgetown University


In 2000, Jonathan Nolan’s short story titled “Memento Mori” was used by his brother, Christopher, as the basis for the movie ‘Memento.’ The film became a major critical and commercial success.

Five years later, Nolan along with his brother wrote the screenplay for the mystery thriller film ‘The Prestige’ which was released in 2006.

After this, the brothers again collaborated and wrote the screenplay for the 2008 movie ‘The Dark Knight’. The movie went on to become the most commercially successful one among the Batman films till then. Its sequel titled ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ was released in 2012.

In 2011, the British-American artist served as a writer and executive producer for the series ‘Person of Interest’. The program ran for five series and starred Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel.

Then in 2014, Nolan wrote the screenplay for the sci-fi flick ‘Interstellar’. That year, it was also reported that he was writing and producing a program based on the late writer cum professor Isaac Asimov’s ‘Foundation Trilogy’ for HBO.

Two years later, in 2016, he, along with his wife Lisa Joy wrote a pilot for the science fiction television series ‘Westworld’. The series is based on the 1973 film of the same name and takes place in a fictional Wild-West-themed amusement park. Nolan and Joy, along with J. J. Abrams, Jerry Weintraub, and Bryan Burk, serve as the executive producers of the show. So far, it has received mostly positive reviews from the critics.

Personal Life

Jonathan Nolan was born on June 6, 1976 in London, England to a British father and an American mother. He is the younger brother of popular TV director Christopher Nolan, the uncle of actor Magnus Nolan, and a brother-in-law of film producer Emma Thomas.

He attended Loyola Academy and graduated from there in 1994. After this, he majored in English from the Georgetown University.

Talking about Nolan’s love life, he is married to writer/producer Lisa Joy. The couple has a son as well as a daughter.

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