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Meet Judith Jaso, a renowned Spanish ‘YouTuber’ and author, known for her captivating content on beauty and wellness. With her popular ‘YouTube’ channel, she shares a diverse range of videos, including challenges, vlogs, recipes, and hauls, all in Spanish. Collaborating with her brother, Judith has also created a second channel that has gained a significant following. As her subscriber count continues to soar, it won’t be long before Judith and her brother reach the impressive milestone of one million subscribers. In addition to her online success, Judith has also ventured into the world of writing, captivating readers with her thrilling and suspenseful novel, ‘Piscis.’

Quick Facts

  • Spanish Celebrities Born In November
  • Boyfriend: Alejandro
  • Age: 23 Years, 23 Year Old Females
  • City: Pamplona, Spain

Social Media Fame

Becoming a ‘YouTube’ vlogger was the last thing on Judith’s wish list. She was always shy and reserved. Initially, she preferred being behind the camera, rather than facing it.

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In an attempt to come out of her cocoon, Judith decided to start vlogging. Her decision was supported by her brother who was already on his way to become a vlogger. Judith often watched a lot of ‘YouTube’ videos, especially “yoga” and beauty-related videos. She often spent a lot of time cooking, too. Her hobbies helped Judith create her own ‘YouTube’ channel, ‘It’s Judith,’ which is now one of the most popular Spanish vlogging channels.

Judith initially began with cooking tutorials, and over time, she added a wide variety of content. She then began posting beauty, fashion, and wellness videos on her channel. Her makeup tutorials are very informative and she has featured in a few “yoga” videos, too, to promote all-round wellness. Judith introduced a segment of videos titled ‘LET’S TALK ABOUT,’ where she discusses serious issues that people often ignore or are reluctant to talk about. The videos under this segment have affected many of her viewers immensely. Judith feels proud to have influenced people and to have boosted their self-confidence. Her channel also includes challenges, pranks, hauls, and “question-answer” videos. She claims to have enjoyed shooting for the video titled ‘YOGA CHALLENGE,’ which shows her trying a few “yoga” poses but failing in most of them.

Vlogging has helped Judith transform herself from a shy and reserved girl to a bold and confident person. Judith’s charm and informative videos have earned her channel more than 700 thousand subscribers.

Collaboration with Brother and Inspirations

Judith collaborated with her brother for her second channel, ‘Hermanos Jaso.’ The channel shows the brother–sister duo in funny videos. This channel, too, has become popular and has earned over 860 thousand subscribers. Judith was inspired by “YouTubers” such as Nohewi Carmeluchi, Mer Misé, Álvaro Krusé, Patry Jordan, Manny Mua, and Jaclyn Hill. She has been following such ‘YouTube’ idols since the time she started watching ‘YouTube’ videos. Judith would, someday, love to collaborate with Álvaro Krusé, one of Spain’s most popular male fashion vloggers. She claims she finds his videos great. She hopes to learn a lot more about vlogging and content-editing from him.

Judith’s Photography and Social Media Presence

Judith has displayed her love for photography through her ‘Instagram’ account, which houses numerous stunning photographs clicked by her. Judith is not only a talented photographer but is also a skilled photo-editor. All her photos look professional. Judith’s awe-inspiring photos on ‘Instagram’ have helped her captivate more than 325 thousand followers on the platform. Judith is active on Twitter, too.

Judith’s First Book

While building her social-media empire, Judith discovered her latent talent for writing. In 2018, she launched her first book, ‘Piscis.’ The book narrates the tale of a girl, ‘Sara,’ who vanishes mysteriously, leaving behind a few clues for her friends. The book has received positive reviews and may become a bestseller soon.

Personal Life

Judith was born Judith Jaso Romero, on November 16, 2000, in Pamplona, the capital of Navarre in northern Spain. She grew up with her elder brother, Fernando, who is also a popular Spanish vlogger. Judith has lived in her hometown throughout her life, but she now wants to move to a big city to experience a fast-paced lifestyle. She has completed her post-secondary education in Spain.

Judith’s hobbies include sports, video making, and photography. Her photography skills are showcased well in her ‘Instagram’ photos. She is also very passionate about music and loves listening to different types and genres of music. She is a true shopaholic. Judith and her boyfriend, Alejandro, have appeared together in a few of her ‘YouTube videos.

Her favorite “YouTubers” are the Mexican “YouTuber” Yuya and Rosy McMichael, a beauty vlogger from Texas.

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