Kade Skye Biography

Meet Kade Skye, the American YouTube star and kid influencer who is making waves as part of the beloved family channel Kids Fun TV. Alongside his parents, Brandon and Sarah Skye, and his siblings, Jazzy, Jack, Kalia, and Kyler, Kade forms the dynamic Fun Squad, a collective of talented content creators. Their entertaining videos range from hilarious skits to thrilling adventures, impressive tumbling displays, and catchy music videos. Not only that, but Kade also has his own personal channel, adding an extra dose of fun to his already impressive repertoire.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 13 Years
  • Family: Siblings – Jack Skye, Jazzy Skye
  • Born Country: United States

Early Life

Kade Skye became a social media star as a kid, with his appearances on his family YouTube channel, Kids Fun TV, run by his parents, Brandon and Sarah Skye. In late 2019, he appeared in one of his earliest videos, Pumpkin Street Racing With Kids Fun TV & Ninja Kidz TV.

Social Media Career

Kade Skye is a prominent member of the Fun Squad, the sub-group that posts regular content on the family YouTube channel Kids Fun TV. The channel’s kid-friendly content mostly consists of skits, tumbling videos, adventure clips, pranks, challenge videos, music videos, Minecraft-related content, and content on toys. The kids often take on roles, such as a spy, a ninja, or superhero. Over the years, the channel has gained millions of subscribers. The motto of the Kade’s jovial family is “Never Grow Up!”

Kade has a personal YouTube channel too, where he has amassed thousands of subscribers. His content mostly consists of him playing fun games, such as flips, trick-shots, and scootering games. One of his best-known videos showed him getting his braces off and has received millions of views. Some of his other best-known YouTube videos are I Had a Crazy Dream I Got My Braces Off! Kade Skye and Love Potion Gone Wrong on Valentines Day! His channel is still managed by his parents.

On Instagram, Kade is present on both his family account and his personal account, kadeskyeofficial. He has gained thousands of followers with his candid snippets from his life on the platform.

Kade and his family also promote their own branded merchandise, such as school supplies, hoodies, hats, toys, and shirts on thefunsquadstore.com.

Family Life

Kade is one of the 5 kids of Brandon and Sarah Skye. He grew up with his siblings: twins Jazzy and Jack, Kalia, and Kyler. Jack and Jazzy are part of their family YouTube channel and participate in the content actively. Kade is known for his signature pose with a “Shaka sign,” just like his brother Jack.

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