Kangin Biography

Kim Young-woon, better known by his stage name Kangin, is a multi-talented South Korean singer, actor, MC, and radio personality. He gained fame as a member of the popular boy band ‘Super Junior’. Kangin made his official debut as part of ‘Super Junior 05’ and later became a member of the main group, which achieved international success with their album ‘Sorry Sorry’. In addition to his music career, Kangin has also made a name for himself in the acting industry, starring in films such as ‘Attack on the Pin-Up Boys’ and ‘Hello, Schoolgirl’. He has also appeared in TV series and hosted various programs, showcasing his versatility and charm.

Quick Facts

  • Born Country: South Korea
  • City: Seoul, South Korea
  • Actors
  • K-Pop Singers

Childhood & Early Life

Kangin was born Kim Young-woon on January 17, 1985, in Seoul, South Korea.


He became a member of the project group ‘Super Junior 05’ in 2005. The group made its debut on November 6 that year and released their debut album ‘Twins’ in December. Kangin also became an MC for Mnet aired ‘M!Countdown’ and appeared in various variety shows.

In 2006, ‘Super Junior 05’ was renamed ‘Super Junior’ and released their single ‘U’, which became a huge success. Kangin appeared in the MBC aired drama ‘Rainbow Romance’ and hosted several programs. However, a conflict between SM Entertainment and MBC resulted in Kangin leaving some of the shows.

In 2007, Kangin became a member of the sub-group ‘Super Junior-T’ and also appeared in the drama ‘Billie Jean, Look At Me’. He joined ‘Good Friend Radio’ as a radio DJ and won awards for his hosting skills.

He made his debut on the big screen in 2007 with the film ‘Attack on the Pin-Up Boys’. In 2008, Kangin became a member of the sub-group ‘Super Junior-H’ and starred in the film ‘Hello, Schoolgirl’. He also debuted as a musical actor and appeared in various TV shows.

Kangin appeared in the reality show ‘We Got Married’ and played a role in the drama series ‘Romance Zero’. In 2010, he enlisted for mandatory military service and served for twenty months. After his discharge, he returned to ‘Super Junior’ and released the album ‘Sexy, Free & Single’.

He played the lead role in the film ‘The Cat Funeral’ in 2015 and has appeared in various hosting programs and TV series. He has also contributed to several tracks.

Personal Life

Kangin has been involved in several legal issues, including assault and DUI hit-and-run incidents.

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