KassaDee Parker Biography

KassaDee Parker, an internet personality and renowned Youtube star, has gained fame through her appearances on the family channel Not Enough Nelsons, alongside her 15 siblings and parents. With over 1 million subscribers, the channel has become a sensation. Additionally, KassaDee runs her own channel, JUSTKASS, where she shares vlogs, pranks, makeup tutorials, and challenge videos, captivating an audience of over 261k subscribers. Her Instagram account, justkass, boasts nearly 100k followers, while her TikTok presence as justkass has garnered over 438k fans and 9.2 million likes.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 24 Years
  • Family:
    • Spouse/Ex-: Josh Parker
    • Mother: Tiffany
    • Siblings: Beckham, Bridger, DeLayNee June, ElleCee, JourNee, KassaDee, KennaDee, Ledger, LiLee, Luke Nelson, NayVee, PaisLee, PresLee Grace, SaiDee
  • Born Country: United States

Rise to Fame

KassaDee Parker rose to fame through her Youtube channels and social media presence. She created her Youtube channel JUSTKASS in 2012 and initially struggled to gain traction. However, in 2018, she started her family channel Not Enough Nelsons, which quickly gained popularity. The channel showcases the daily life of KassaDee and her 15 siblings, and features vlogs, challenge videos, skits, pranks, and Q&A videos. Not Enough Nelsons has become one of the most popular family channels on Youtube.

KassaDee Parker is still active on her personal channel JUSTKASS, where she continues to entertain her viewers with quirky vlogs, challenge videos, makeup tutorials, and prank videos. In 2020, she started another channel called Kass and Josh with her husband Josh Parker. Together, they publish vlogs, pranks, and challenge videos for their growing subscriber base.

In addition to her Youtube success, KassaDee has also gained considerable popularity on TikTok. She often invites her siblings to join her in her dance and lip-sync videos, further engaging her audience.

KassaDee Parker is not only a content creator but also a businesswoman. She is the founder of the fashion brand JustKass Shop, which offers a range of trendy clothing and accessories.

Personal Life

KassaDee Parker was born on March 20, 1999, in St. George, Utah, United States. She comes from a large family, with 15 siblings named Ledger, Bridger, PresLee Grace, ElleCee, Beckham, DeLayNee June, Luke Nelson, PaisLee, Trey, NayVee, KennaDee Kay Haddock, LiLee, SaiDee, JourNee, and Jaine. As a Pisces, KassaDee Parker is known for her creativity and compassion.

KassaDee Parker is married to Josh Parker, and the couple often shares photos together on Instagram. In a Q&A video, Josh revealed that he is a missionary and spent two years traveling to different countries to spread the word of God. Both Josh and KassaDee are talented dancers and often showcase their skills on their Youtube channel.

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