Kevin Franke Biography

Kevin Franke is an American civil and environmental engineer, currently working as an assistant professor at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. With a background as a geotechnical engineering consultant, he has been involved in prestigious projects such as the ‘I-15 CORE’ project and the ‘Kennecott Utah Copper’ tailings project. In addition to his professional achievements, Franke is also known for his presence on the popular YouTube channel ‘8 Passengers’ and Instagram page of the same name. He resides in the United States with his wife and six children.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 45 Years
  • Family: Spouse/Ex-: Ruby Franke, children: Abby Franke, Chad Franke, Eve Franke, Julie Franke, Russell Franke, Shari Franke
  • Born Country: United States
  • Education: University of Washington, Brigham Young University

Early Life & Career

Kevin Franke was born on October 9, 1978, in the United States of America. After graduating from high school, Franke went to ‘Utah State University’ from where he graduated in 2004, with a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering. In 2005, he received his Master of Science degree in civil engineering from the ‘University of Washington.’


Franke began his career in 2006, when he started working as a geotechnical professional at ‘Kleinfelder, Inc.’ As part of his job at ‘Kleinfelder,’ Franke performed various geotechnical analyses, such as liquefaction analysis and settlement analysis. While working at ‘Kleinfelder,’ he pursued a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree at ‘Brigham Young University.’ After receiving his PhD in 2011, he started working for ‘URS Corporation’ as a geotechnical engineer.

In January 2012, Franke joined ‘Brigham Young University’ as an assistant professor. He currently teaches geotechnical engineering courses to undergraduate and graduate-level students. Apart from teaching, he also conducts research in the field of geotechnical engineering. He is currently focused on developing new performance-based design applications to support his research. He is also developing applications for unmanned aerial vehicles which could be used in civil engineering. Since 2013, he has been serving as the chief investigator at the ‘National Science Foundation Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems’ (C-UAS).

Social Media Fame

On January 7, 2015, Kevin Franke created a YouTube channel named ‘8 Passengers’ along with his wife, Ruby. The channel, which predominantly features Kevin and Ruby’s children, attracted a lot of views in a short span of time. Subsequently, their channel started accumulating thousands of subscribers and went on to become one of the most famous family YouTube channels in the United States. ‘8 Passengers’ currently has more than two million subscribers and 850 million views. Many of its videos such as ‘Baby Climbs Out Of Crib,’ ‘So Am I Sick,’ ‘Our 8 Year Old Gets Braces,’ and ‘Cousin Swap’ have gathered millions of views.

As the patriarch of the ‘8 Passengers’ YouTube family, Kevin Franke became extremely popular among fellow YouTubers and social media influencers. He is also popular on Instagram as he is often featured in his family Instagram page, which is maintained by his wife.

Family & Personal Life

Kevin Franke is married to Ruby Franke who appears frequently on their family YouTube channel. They have six children namely Russell, Shari, Julie, Chad, Abby, and Eve. Shari and Chad have their own YouTube channels. While Chad’s channel has collected more than 120,000 subscribers, Shari’s self-titled channel has managed to accumulate more than 400,000 subscribers.

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