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Kristin Laura Kreuk is a Canadian actress known for her roles in popular television shows and feature films. She gained recognition for her performance as ‘Lana Lang’ in the series ‘Smallville’ and has since become a household name. While her film career may not have reached the same level of success, she has received critical acclaim for her roles in certain movies. In addition to her acting career, Kreuk is also involved in various philanthropic endeavors and is a proud member of organizations such as ‘Red Cross,’ ‘Greenpeace,’ and ‘UNICEF.’

Quick Facts

  • Canadian Celebrities Born In December
  • Also Known As: Kristin Laura Kreuk
  • Age: 40 Years, 40 Year Old Females
  • Family: father: Peter Kreuk, mother: Deanna Che, siblings: Justine Kreuk
  • Born Country: Canada
  • Actresses
  • Canadian Women
  • Height: 5’4″ (163 cm), 5’4″ Females
  • Ancestry: Indonesian Canadian, Chinese Canadian, Jamaican Canadian, Dutch Canadian
  • City: Vancouver, Canada

Childhood & Early Life

Kristin Laura Kreuk was born on December 30, 1982, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her parents, Peter Kreuk and Deanna Che, are both landscape architects by profession. She has Dutch and Chinese ancestry. She has a younger sister named Justine Kreuk.

She trained in karate and gymnastics when she was in middle school. She stopped training during her high school days as she suffered from scoliosis. She wanted to pursue a major in psychology or forensic science from the ‘Simon Fraser University.’ However, a call from the casting director for the CBC television series ‘Edgemont’ changed her mind. Subsequently, she decided to choose a career in the field of entertainment.

Television Career

Kristin Kreuk started her acting career on television by appearing in the CBC television series ‘Edgemont’ in 2001. After filming the first season of the show, she hired an agent who helped her land a role in the television movie ‘Snow White: The Fairest of Them All.’ The movie was aired on ABC in 2001 and was also released on DVDs.

After the success of her first two projects, she was signed for the role of ‘Tenar’ in the Sci-Fi Channel miniseries ‘Legend of Earthsea’ in 2004.

Her agent then contacted screenwriters Alfred Gough and Miles Millar and she eventually got a chance to audition for the character of ‘Lana Lang’ in the WB Network series ‘Smallville.’ She went on to land the role.

She kept juggling her work between ‘Edgemont’ and ‘Smallville’ before her contract with ‘Edgemont’ ended in 2005. In 2008, she left ‘Smallville’ after appearing in the first seven seasons. She later returned for a few episodes to conclude her storyline.

After the success of these television series, Kreuk appeared in a number of shows like ‘Chuck’ and television movies like ‘Ben Hur’ between 2009 and 2010. Later, she was signed for The CW’s reboot of ‘Beauty & the Beast,’ where she played the role of the lead female character. She appeared in the show between 2012 and 2016.

In 2018, the actress became part of the main cast of Canadian legal drama series ‘Burden of Truth.’ Her portrayal of ‘Joanna Hanley’ has earned her critical acclaim. Apart from being part of the main cast, Kreuk also serves as an executive producer for the show.

Film Career

Despite being an accomplished TV actress, Kristin Kreuk has not enjoyed the same kind of success in her film career. She made her feature film debut in 2004, playing the role of ‘Fiona,’ the love interest of the male protagonist, in the film ‘EuroTrip.’

She then appeared in the film ‘Partition,’ based on the historical events of the ‘Partition of India’ in 1947. In the film, she played the role of ‘Naseem’ who witnesses her world crumble under the traumatic circumstances and falls in love with an ex-British Indian Army officer. She also starred in films like ‘Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li’ in 2009, ‘Vampire’ in 2011, ‘Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy’ in 2011, ‘Space Milkshake’ in 2012, and ‘The Emissary’ in 2017.

Kreuk set up her own production house named ‘Parvati Creative Inc’ along with her friend Rosena Bhura whom she had met on the sets of ‘Partition.’ According to Kreuk and her partner, their production house works on “human-centric films as seen through a female lens.” The production house has come up with projects, such as the short film ‘Blink, directed by Rick Rosenthal, and a comedy web series titled ‘Queenie.’

Major Works

In 2001, Kristin Kreuk landed a role in the WB Network series ‘Smallville,’ thanks to her agent who sent her audition tapes to Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, the screenwriters of the show. She appeared regularly for seven seasons, playing ‘Lana Lang,’ the love interest of teenager ‘Clark Kent.’ She was paid $40,000 per episode until the third season. After that, she was paid a hefty $270,000 per episode until the end of her contract with the show.

Awards & Achievements

Kristin Kreuk won the ‘Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actress’ award at the ‘People’s Choice Awards’ in 2014 and 2015 for her role in ‘Beauty & the Beast.’ She was also nominated for two ‘Choice TV Actress: Fantasy/Sci-Fi’ awards at the ‘Teen Choice Awards’ for the same role.

She received a total of nine nominations in various award shows, including ‘Saturn Awards’ and ‘Teen Choice Awards’ for her work in ‘Smallville.’

Personal Life

Kristin Laura Kreuk leads a very private life and likes spending time with her family and friends. She was in a relationship with actor Mark Hildreth for a long time. She currently resides in Toronto. She has said that she is a “shy” person who likes to live a “boring life.”


In June 2002, she was ranked 10th in FHM’s U.K. edition poll of ‘100 Sexiest Girls.’ The same year, she was ranked 71st in FHM’s American edition poll of ‘100 Sexiest Girls.’

In 2003, she was ranked 24th in FHM’s ‘100 Sexiest Women’ list.

In 2005, she was ranked at the top of ‘50 Sexiest Women of the Year’ list by ‘Femme Fatales.’

She was ranked 28th and 46th in FHM’s ‘100 Sexiest Women in the World’ list in 2005 and 2006 respectively.

Kreuk received a purple belt in Karate during her school days.

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