Kylie Rae Hall Biography

Kylie Rae Hall is a popular American model, social media star, and YouTuber with a massive fan-following. She first gained attention in the modeling industry when she walked the ramp at the Miami Swim Week in 2017. Since then, she has become a successful YouTuber with over 510 K subscribers on her channel. Known for her energetic vlogs and inspirational videos, Kylie has also collaborated with her boyfriend and fellow YouTuber Mark Dohner, which has helped her gain a significant number of fans. Her content includes fashion and makeup tips, as well as engaging challenge videos.

Quick Facts

  • Boyfriend: Mark Dohner
  • Age: 31 Years
  • Family: siblings: Casey
  • Height: 5’4″ (163 cm)
  • U.S. State: California

Rise to Stardom

Before becoming an internet sensation, Kylie Rae Hall worked as a sales manager for some time. When she was 22 years old, she was approached for a photoshoot while looking for job opportunity. During this time she realized that she loved being in front of the camera. She soon began sharing pictures on social media, especially on her Instagram account. As more and more people flocked to her profile to see her photos, she became more involved in social media and also bagged more modeling gigs. However, it was her boyfriend, YouTuber Mark Dohner, who encouraged her to begin vlogging by gifting her a vlogging camera – a hint she took right away and began posting videos on her YouTube channel in July 2017.

Overcoming Insecurities

Kylie Rae Hall was a little overweight when she was younger and was often teased for her body shape. Some days she would come home crying to her father, who would comfort her and eventually teach her not to bother about what others are saying. On her part, her mother would show her pictures from when she was young to let her know that she was chubby too and that she will grow out of it and become a beautiful girl one day. She also sported a blonde strip of hair from the middle of her head, for which she was called ‘the skunk’, but she had learned to ignore such name-calling. However, she had a severe acne problem that bothered her for a long time and had been one of her biggest insecurities growing up. She was embarrassed to leave her house and would cover her face under a lot of makeup. Eventually, her boyfriend Mark helped her embrace her shortcomings and encouraged her to go out without makeup.

Personal Life

Kylie Rae Hall was born on July 14, 1992 in Thousand Oaks, California. She is the youngest child of her parents and has an older brother named Casey who is about a year and a half older than her. According to her, while she is very outgoing, her brother is the exact opposite of her and keeps to himself most of the time. She was a tomboy while growing up and often wore her brother’s clothes and shoes. She played soccer as a child and took part in competitive soccer during her youth, serving as a feisty goalkeeper. She also played volleyball for fun, but after she grew up, she quit both soccer and volleyball and got into snowboarding. She wanted to become a veterinarian when she was young, but gave up that choice after learning that she would have to put down animals if she chose that career. She loves pets and has two dogs and a cat. She loves tattoos and got her first one when she was 16. Interestingly, her parents do not like tattoos and she got it in spite of their objection. She got another on her right arm sometime later, but got both of them removed by the time she was 19. However, she now has a few more tattoos on her body, including a huge skull design on her left arm.


Kylie Rae Hall met Mark Dohner over the internet after he reached out to her via Instagram direct message with the offer to do a casual skit video together in 2016. The two eventually met at a club both of them frequented and got to know each other more closely. According to Mark, she took three months to ease up to him, but about five months after they first met, they began dating officially. She met his parents in May 2017 and did a video for his channel together. The two now live together in his house.

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