Laila Blue Biography

Laila Blue, a South African social media influencer, has gained fame through her Instagram profile @lailablue, which boasts over 321K followers. Formerly known as Rebecca Holly, Laila started her career as a fitness model and coach before transitioning into the world of modeling. Represented by, she specializes in promoting clothing, jewelry, hair products, and beauty products. Laila has collaborated with renowned brands like Oh Polly, Peppermayo, PrettyLittleThing, Zala Hair Extensions, and EHPlabs. It’s worth noting that there is another Instagram influencer named Laila Blue, but she is a virtual persona and not a real person.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 27 Years
  • Family: children – Samuel Hope Hall, Partner – Jack White
  • Born Country: South Africa
  • Height: 5’7″ (170 cm)
  • City: Cape Town, South Africa

Rise to Stardom

Laila Blue, originally known as Rebecca Holly, started her career as a fitness coach and gained popularity on Instagram. She joined Instagram to share pictures of her workout sessions and even offered her own “8 Week Booty Program”. Due to frequent requests from fans, she also created a Facebook profile called “rebeccahollyfit”. However, it was American YouTuber Philip DeFranco who helped her gain recognition in April 2016 when he mentioned her in one of his videos. As a result, her Instagram profile grew rapidly and she became an Instagram star. Although she has deleted her original Instagram profile and references to her past as a fitness model, her earliest picture on her current profile is still one taken in the gym. She now frequently posts modeling pictures in swimsuits and lingerie from prestigious brands and has promoted products by various brands.

Struggle with Mental Health & Weight

In 2017, Laila Blue posted several pictures of herself during different stages of pregnancy to document the changes her body was going through. She expressed amazement at the female body and looked forward to watching her baby bump grow. However, she also shared the emotional ups and downs of pregnancy, describing it as both exhausting and stressful, yet also a pure miracle. After giving birth to her son, she opened up about her struggles with weight loss and low appetite due to depression. She found it difficult to motivate herself to train and maintain calories. During this time, she was no longer in a relationship with the father of her son. She later shared a picture from a trip to Hamilton Island in Australia and talked about how it helped improve her mental health and encouraged her to move forward.

Family & Personal Life

Laila Blue, born as Rebecca Holly on October 30, 1996, in Cape Town, South Africa, grew up with siblings. While she primarily grew up in South Africa, she moved to Sidney, Australia, in 2011. Despite following a strict diet as a fitness enthusiast, she enjoys occasional servings of her favorite cheat meal: pizza.


Laila Blue was previously in a relationship with a man named Jack White and the two were engaged. She gave birth to her first child, a boy named Samuel Hope Hall, at the age of 21. However, the couple parted ways shortly after in July 2018. Although she occasionally posts pictures with her son on her Instagram profile, she seems to have removed all traces of her former partner from the platform. Recently, she has posted pictures with a man named @jyemuzz on Instagram, indicating a new relationship.

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