Laineybot Biography

Laineybot is an American YouTuber known for her personal vlogs and beauty and fashion content. With a moderate fan following on her self-titled channel and second channel ‘Beautybot’, she has gained popularity on Instagram and Twitter as well. Laineybot, married to YouTube personality Onision, captures everyday moments with her family in her vlogs. She is a classy yet simple woman with a love for filming, raising her children, and indulging in travel, parties, and shopping for makeup and fashion products. With the aspiration of becoming a successful YouTuber, Laineybot consistently uploads fresh content and is also recognized as Legitimate Angel on the web.

Quick Facts

  • Gender: transgender
  • Age: 29 years
  • Family:
    • Spouse/Ex-: Gregory Jackson
    • Siblings: Lauren (sister)
  • Born Country: United States
  • U.S. State: New Mexico

Rise to Stardom

Laineybot launched her self-titled channel in February 2015. Her first video, ‘Girlfriend Boyfriend Tag (Laineybot & Onision)’, became a huge hit. She continued to post more videos, including fun challenges, everyday routines, and personal vlogs. The most popular videos on Laineybot’s channel are the ones she creates with her husband Onision.

Recommended Lists

Laineybot has posted numerous videos with her husband, including tags, dating and marriage videos, pregnancy stories, and more. Some of the couple videos that shouldn’t be missed are ‘Turning My Husband Into A Girl (Gender Switch 2)’, ‘Never Have I Ever (Husband Edition)’, and ‘Husband Cuts My Hair’. The channel has gained over 325k subscribers to date.

Beautybot Channel

Laineybot also has another channel called Beautybot, which focuses on makeup and beauty content. With over 55 videos, the channel features unique makeup tutorials, ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos, hair tutorials, ‘How to’ videos, and more. Launched in September 2017, this channel has over 31k subscribers.

Personal Life

Laineybot was born on October 16, 1994, in Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA. She has a sister named Lauren. She is married to YouTuber and comedian Gregory Jackson, also known as Onision, who has served in the American Air Force. Her husband’s ex-girlfriend is pop singer Shiloh. The couple has two children. Laineybot also has two sisters-in-law. Information about her parents, education background, and personal life is not known. Laineybot identifies as an intactivist and a certified emo.

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