Lee Eun-ju Biography

Lee Eun-ju, a South Korean actor, captivated audiences with her performances in erotic films such as ‘Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors’ and ‘The Scarlet Letter.’ Although she initially pursued a career in music, her striking beauty led her to become a sought-after model. In 1997, she made her acting debut and went on to portray small yet memorable roles in films like ‘Rainbow Trout’ and ‘Yeca.’ However, it was her lead role in the critically acclaimed ‘Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors’ that propelled her to stardom. Despite her success, Lee faced challenges as she became typecast for her steamy scenes, leading to mental health struggles. Tragically, she took her own life on February 22, 2005.

Quick Facts

  • South Korean Celebrities Born In December Died At Age: 24
  • Height: 5’6″ (168 cm)
  • Died on: February 22, 2005
  • Cause of Death: Suicide
  • More Facts
  • Education: Dankook University

Childhood & Early Life

Lee Eun-ju was born on December 22, 1980, in Gunsan, South Korea, to Lee Sang-yeol and Choi Soon-hyang. She showed an interest in classical music from a young age and took piano lessons throughout her childhood. While she enjoyed watching Korean dramas, she initially had no desire to enter the entertainment industry. However, in her mid-teenage years, she developed an interest in modeling and moved to Seoul after graduating from high school. She quickly found success as a model, gaining popularity locally.


In 1997, Lee made her TV debut with a small role in the series ‘Start.’ She then appeared in a supporting role in the series ‘White Nights 3.98.’ She also appeared in music videos for Park Jin-young and Kim Jang-hoon. In 1999, she made her successful film debut in ‘Rainbow Trout,’ which earned critical acclaim and awards at film festivals. She continued to take on various acting roles, including the lead role in the internet short film ‘Yeca’ and the erotic comedy-drama film ‘Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors,’ which earned her the ‘Best New Actress Award’ at the 2001 ‘Grand Bell Awards.’

Lee also appeared in TV series such as ‘Look Back in Anger’ and films like ‘Bungee Jumping of Their Own’ and ‘Lovers’ Concerto.’ She received recognition for her performances in the romantic drama film ‘Garden of Heaven’ and the TV series ‘Phoenix,’ for which she won the ‘Top Excellence Award: Actress’ at the 2004 ‘MBC Drama Awards.’ Her last film was the erotic thriller ‘The Scarlet Letter,’ which garnered critical acclaim but also sparked controversy due to its intense lovemaking scenes.

Personal Life & Death

While there were rumors of her being close to actors Eric Moon and Seo Jin-lee, Lee Eun-ju’s relationships were never confirmed. Tragically, on February 22, 2005, she was found dead by her brother. She had taken her own life by slitting her wrists and hanging herself. It was reported that she had been struggling with depression for weeks, particularly after the controversy surrounding ‘The Scarlet Letter.’ Her death deeply affected the South Korean entertainment industry, and her friends and colleagues continue to hold a memorial for her every year. She had recently graduated with a degree in theater from ‘Dankook University’ before her untimely death.

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