Liane Valenzuela Biography

Liane Valenzuela is a versatile and creative social media influencer, with a strong presence on platforms like TikTok and Vine. With over 7 million followers on and 4.6 million on Vine, she has achieved phenomenal popularity. Liane is deeply passionate about music and fashion, always exuding style and elegance in her dress and presentation. Additionally, she is a fitness enthusiast and former athlete, showcasing her dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Liane’s love for travel allows her to explore different cultures and cuisines, sharing her experiences with her followers. As a motivational and insightful commentator, she has participated in beauty pageants and hosted well-known events such as ‘The Voice’, ‘X-Factor’, and ‘American Idol’. With her confident and articulate personality, Liane Valenzuela continues to captivate audiences on and off camera.

Quick Facts

  • Also Known As: LianeV
  • Age: 37 Years, 37 Year Old Females
  • Family:
    • Father: Wally Valenzuela
    • Mother: Prima Valenzuela
  • Height: 5’7″ (170 cm), 5’7″ Females
  • U.S. State: California
  • City: San Jose, California

Liane Valenzuela’s Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Liane Valenzuela has been actively involved in social media, particularly YouTube, since the beginning of her career. She was initially signed by the production company Brand X and quickly gained popularity on Vine, amassing a dedicated fan base and followers. Her videos cover a range of interests and topics, showcasing vignettes of her life, including her family. These videos express her warmth and sociability. Liane has also collaborated with various Vine stars, combining her interest in music with her creative expression as a Vine content creator. Additionally, she has appeared in music videos for artists such as Tyga and The Far Eastern Movement, and has created fitness videos like ‘Workout with Liane’ V (2014).

What Makes Liane Valenzuela So Special

Liane Valenzuela brings a youthful, energetic, and enthusiastic vibe to all the content she creates. Her videos and skits are humorous and lively, appealing to a wide range of viewers. She incorporates diverse cultural and artistic expressions into her works, reflecting her interest in music, fashion, and youth. Liane is always inventive, sporty, and fashionable, and her work carries a message of hope and self-confidence. She represents the viewpoint of the youth and women, portraying them as part of a young, confident, and creative group of Vine and social media content creators. By inviting viewers into her life, concerns, and relationships, she establishes a new form of social life and networking unique to her generation.

Beyond Fame

Liane Valenzuela maintains close relationships with her family and has a wide circle of friends. She is an active individual who loves exploring new places and meeting new people. Her interests and choices are varied and eclectic, reflecting her confident yet sensitive presence. Liane stays in close touch with her fans and followers across multiple social media platforms, creating a sociable and warm connection. She is also fond of pets and has featured her pup Noah Pom on Instagram.

Behind the Curtains

Liane Valenzuela was born and raised in San Jose before moving to Los Angeles. In 2015, she began dating Don Benjamin and had previously dated Vine star King Bach. She shares a close bond with her father and has even featured him in some of her Vine videos.


In school, Liane Valenzuela competed in gymnastics, cheerleading, and basketball.

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