Lincoln Markham Biography

Lincoln Markham, the star of the immensely popular YouTube channel ‘What’s Inside?’, has captivated millions of viewers with his exploration of the inner workings of various objects. Alongside his father Daniel, they have delved into the depths of sports balls, toilets, LED shoes, and more, amassing over 6 million subscribers. Through their videos, Markham and his father aim to educate and entertain, making YouTube an integral part of their lives. Their influence extends beyond the platform, with Markham’s videos gaining traction on other social networking sites. Additionally, he maintains a personal website,, where he shares his videos and personal blogs. With his talent and ambition, Markham has become an inspiration for many young students.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 17 Years
  • Family:
    • Father: Daniel
    • Mother: Leslie
    • Siblings: Claire, London
  • Height: 5’9″ (175 cm)
  • U.S. State: Arizona

Rise to Stardom

Lincoln Markham, alongside his father Daniel, launched their channel ‘What’s Inside?’ in the year 2008. The son and father duo completed a second grade science project and posted the project’s ‘What’s inside’ videos on their channel that, till then, consisted of mostly their family’s home videos. After some time, their channel began to generate revenue. This made Markham and his father realize that something on their channel was being viewed a considerable number of times. They investigated and found that the views were coming from their “What’s Inside?” videos. The son and father then decided to remove the family videos from their channel, and with that, the ‘What’s Inside?’ channel was born.

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Lincoln Markham and his father then began posting videos every week and the channel took off. In April 2015, they hit 1k subscribers. A week later, the subscriber count doubled. In December that year, their channel successfully earned a million subscribers. Currently, it has over 6 million followers and billions of views. The success of their channel also gave Lincoln and his dad an opportunity to collaborate with billionaire Bill Gates and his wife Melinda.

Today, one will find a number of ‘What’s inside?’ videos on their channel. From ‘What’s inside a TV?’ to ‘What’s inside a Punching Bag’, there’s a lot on the channel that can help people discover and explore a wide variety of things.

Lincoln Markham is also a part of their secondary channel ‘WHAT’S INSIDE? FAMILY.’ Launched in December 2015, the channel features “behind the scene” videos, Q&A videos, school project videos, and lots more. It has also got a number of travel vlogs, all of which are worth watching. This channel has over 930k subscribers (as of October 2018).

Personal Life

Lincoln Markham was born on January 3, 2006 in Prescott, Arizona, the USA to Leslie and Daniel. His father has served as a top sales representative in the biotech industry. His mother has worked in a Fortune 100 company in their strategic communications department. His father believes that his close relationship with his son draws people to their channel. Markham has two sisters, London and Claire. The former is a little girl who likes playing with toys while the latter enjoys drawing, sports, and writing stories.

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