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Patrick Holland, also known as “Paddy,” is an aspiring English actor who has made a name for himself in the industry. As the son of renowned comedian Dominic Holland and the younger brother of actor Tom Holland, Patrick has grown up surrounded by talent. While he admires his father and brother, Patrick has worked hard to establish himself as an individual actor. He has already gained recognition through various acting projects and has even collaborated with Tom on a short film. Patrick’s presence at public events alongside his brother has also brought him media attention. Tom supports Patrick’s ambitions and believes he has the potential to take on significant roles, such as that of ‘Spider-Man.’ However, Patrick understands that he still has a long journey ahead to achieve his dreams.

Quick Facts

  • British Celebrities Born In December
  • Also Known As: Paddy
  • Age: 19 Years, 19 Year Old Males
  • Family:
    • Father: Dominic Holland
    • Mother: Nicola Elizabeth
    • Siblings: Sam and Harry, Tom
  • Actors
  • Child Actors

Rise to Fame

Patrick Holland began his acting career with Tom’s directorial venture, the 2015 short comedy film ‘Tweet.’ Patrick was cast as himself in the movie. Following this, in 2017, he made an appearance in an episode of ‘Entertainment Tonight,’ which is an American first-run syndicated entertainment TV news magazine distributed by ‘CBS.’ Patrick’s most notable screen appearance was in the 2018 mystery buddy comedy film ‘Holmes & Watson,’ in which he played a tough kid.

Tom’s Influence

Tom has played a crucial role in paving Patrick’s way to Hollywood. His experience and contacts in the industry have already helped Patrick a lot in bagging projects. In addition, he often accompanies Tom to public events, which brings him the much-required media attention. In June 2017, Patrick joined Tom at the ‘Spider-Man’ premiere. The entire Holland family, including their grandparents and their cousin, Sydney, attended the event. While Tom was being interviewed at the red carpet, Patrick boldly stepped in between but only to speak about his brother’s performance. He mentioned that he wanted to be like him. Patrick added that although he attends several auditions, he mostly ends up being rejected. However, the little boy did not seem shattered but was rather confident to work harder. Tom showed his confidence in Patrick’s talent and shared his idea of sharing screen space with him in a future ‘Spider-Man’ film. He suggested that their resemblance made Patrick an appropriate choice to play the younger version of his character or ‘Spider-Man’s’ “long lost brother.”

Family & Personal Life

Patrick Holland was born on December 6, 2004, in England. His father, Dominic Holland, is a ‘Perrier Best Newcomer Award’-winning comedian, author, and broadcaster. His mother, Nicola Elizabeth (née Frost), is a photographer. Patrick grew up with his eldest brother, Tom, and his other two brothers, Sam and Harry, who are twins born in 1999.

Patrick always had an inclination toward acting. Being raised in an artistic environment and surrounded by talented people, Patrick picked up the craft at an early age. The news of his birth was shared through an ‘Instagram’ post. Patrick prefers to use his nickname, “Paddy.” He enjoys skateboarding and reading comics.

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