Lisa Zimouche Biography

Meet Lisa Zimouche, the French-Algerian professional freestyle footballer who has taken the world by storm with her incredible ‘nutmeg’ skills. Formerly a member of Paris Saint Germain women’s youth team, Lisa left formal football behind to pursue her passion for freestyle street performance. Since then, she has wowed audiences worldwide, performing alongside some of the biggest names in football, including Ronaldinho, Paul Pogba, and Gianluigi Buffon. As a brand ambassador for PUMA Football and sponsored by Worm clothing brand, Lisa continues to inspire and amaze with her extraordinary talent. Represented by O2 Management, this rising star is making waves in the world of freestyle football.

Quick Facts

  • French Celebrities Born In June
  • Age: 24 Years
  • 24 Year Old Females
  • Family: siblings: Safia
  • Born Country: France
  • French Women
  • Women Sportspersons
  • Height: 5’4″ (163 cm)
  • City: Paris

Rise to Stardom

Lisa Zimouche’s journey to stardom began at the age of 13 when she joined the Paris Saint Germain women’s youth team. However, she soon realized that her true passion lay in freestyle football rather than traditional team play. At the age of 14, she made the bold decision to leave the team and pursue her career as a freestyle footballer. In 2014, she won the World Panna Female Championship, solidifying her skills and dedication to the sport. Lisa expressed her sense of freedom and independence after making this decision, stating that all she needed was a ball to dance with, without the need for a team or coach. She began performing freestyle in cities around the world and even took on renowned footballers like Ronaldinho and top Arsenal players in ‘nutmeg’ challenges.

What Makes Lisa Zimouche Special

At just 19 years old, Lisa Zimouche has achieved more in the past few years than most teenagers her age can even imagine. What sets her apart from other Instagram stars is her incredible talent and skill that leaves her millions of followers in awe. She has impressed top-notch celebrities with her footwork, including Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba, Arsenal players Granit Xhaka, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Hector Bellerin, and Shkodran Mustafi, and Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho. Lisa has also had the opportunity to play football with champion Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt and Canadian rapper Drake. Despite her fame, Lisa remains focused on her purpose in life, which is to travel the world and perform freestyle while also teaching young people to love the ball. She especially wants to encourage girls to participate in freestyle and street soccer, aiming to break the male-dominated world of football.

Personal Life

Lisa Zimouche was born on June 29, 1999, in Paris, France, to a family with Algerian roots. She discovered her love for soccer at the age of seven and began practicing freestyle at the age of 10. Throughout her school life, Lisa continued to focus on freestyle while also prioritizing her studies. She was a youth player for Paris Saint Germain until the age of 14.

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