Liv Shumbres Biography

Meet Liv Shumbres, a 12-year-old gymnast and internet star who has already achieved great success in her young career. From a young age, Liv knew exactly what she wanted to do and has shown incredible dedication and perseverance in pursuing her dreams. Despite facing a serious injury, Liv bounced back and returned to training, proving her unwavering commitment to her craft. With her hard work and determination, Liv has become a true inspiration and a shining example of a prodigy in her field.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 19 Years
  • Family: Siblings: Ari Shumbres
  • Born Country: United States
  • U.S. State: Georgia

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

It all started when little Liv tried her hand at the dangerous-yet-enthralling sport: Gymnastics. She is passionate about tumbling and goes through strenuous training sessions under the supervision of professional gymnastic coaches. Liv takes to ‘Instagram’, to share moments of her rigorous training sessions, with the intention of inspiring other gymnastic aspirants. Her videos are quite popular among her peers and she is also quite the star on this famous internet platform.

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Apart from tumbling and gymnastics, Liv is also a competitive cheerleader, who gained a lot of visibility for participating in various cheerleading tournaments.

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Though her hands are full with gymnastics and cheerleading, Liv somehow finds time to explore her other fields of interest as well. Shumbres found fame when she first featured on MattyB’s ‘YouTube’ channel in a song called, ‘Oh my oh’. With over 44 million views, this song went viral, putting the then 11-year-old Liv in a whole different spotlight. She later even let her fun side loose in another MattyB song, ‘Crush on you’, gaining her more fans on ‘YouTube’. Now a regular on most of MattyB’s Challenge videos and Vlogs, it’s safe to say that ‘YouTube’ has now widened her fan base. Liv is also seen flaunting her gymnastic talents on Mattyb’s song videos. We sure would love to see more of the much talented little Liv!

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What Makes the Person So Special

Her determination to keep scaling the mountain of success, even when the going gets tough, is what makes Liv Shumbres a very special human. Even after being injured severely due to gymnastics, Liv never gave up achieving what she had set her mind for. Liv has suffered a major compression fracture in her spine, and even a grave knee dislocation. During her recovery period, Liv would watch all her old training videos and would find motivation to get back on track. In less than 10 months, this strong little gymnast was back to tumbling and doing everything that made her genuinely happy. For a 12-year-old, this is an incredibly inspiring determination. You truly are special, Liv!

Beyond Fame

Liv Shumbres is known for being cheerful, constantly spreading joy to everyone around her. Apart from cheerleading and gymnastics, Liv Shumbres has become a very common face on ‘YouTube’. Off late, she has been a frequent user of ‘TikTok’ and is slowly on her way to gaining more fame. Now with 10,000 fans on ‘TikTok’, Liv has established her roots in social media grounds.

Behind The Curtains

Liv Shumbres was born in Atlanta, USA on 20th July 2004. Apart from the fact that mom Jodi manages her social media accounts like ‘Twitter’ and ‘Instagram’, not much is known about her folks. Liv has 1 sibling, a brother named Ari Shumbres. According to some sources, Liv Shumbres have been rumored to be dating MattyB, her fellow ‘YouTube’ co-star. We can be sure that Liv has only begun her journey in changing the world. Here’s wishing this little superstar all the best!


She once suffered grave injuries to her spine due to a tumbling accident.

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