Madisyn Shipman Biography

Madisyn Shipman, known for her role in the popular Nickelodeon show ‘Game Shakers’, has been making waves in the entertainment industry from a young age. With her impeccable acting skills and talent for music, Shipman has already achieved great success and is poised for even greater heights. Whether it’s lending her voice to animated movies or starring in children’s television shows, Shipman has proven herself to be a versatile and talented performer.

Quick Facts

  • Nick Name: Maddie
  • Age: 21 Years, 21 Year Old Females
  • Family: siblings – Caden, Jesse, Sawyer
  • Born Country: United States
  • Actresses
  • American Women
  • U.S. State: North Carolina

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Madisyn Shipman’s journey to stardom began at the age of 5 when she started working with a talent agency. She made her first appearances on television shows like ‘Saturday Night Live’ and ‘Sesame Street’. In 2010, she even landed a role in a Broadway play called ‘Enron’. However, it was her lead role in the popular sitcom ‘Game Shakers’ on Nickelodeon that truly catapulted her to fame. The show revolves around two seventh graders, one of whom is played by Shipman, who start a successful gaming venture and face hilarious yet awkward situations while dealing with the company’s challenges. Shipman’s achievements before the age of 15 are truly remarkable.

What Makes the Person So Special

Madisyn Shipman is known for her friendly and cheerful personality. She has the ability to make light of any situation and never backs down from something that scares her. In an interview, she shared that she had to work with animals on set and often ended up getting urinated on. Instead of getting upset, she chose to laugh it off, showcasing her humility and innocence. Shipman’s acting skills were discovered at the age of 2 when she entertained her family with her silly antics. Her natural talent for making others happy sets her apart from most teenagers her age.

Beyond Fame

Apart from her acting career, Shipman is also an avid user of the app TikTok (formerly known as She uploads videos featuring her close friends and family members. She also aspires to release her own music CDs. In addition, Shipman is a passionate supporter of ‘The Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation’. She actively spreads awareness about this rare disease that took the life of her 2-year-old cousin.

Behind The Curtains

Madisyn Shipman was born on November 20, 2002, in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. Not much is known about her parents, but she has three brothers named Sawyer, Caden, and Jesse. It is believed that she is currently dating actor Logan Patrick. Shipman is musically talented and can sing and play various instruments such as the guitar, ukulele, keyboard, and bass. She is also a fitness enthusiast and enjoys kick-boxing and cycling. However, she has a fear of heights and would never consider bungee jumping or cliff diving.


Shipman started singing and playing the guitar at the age of 8.

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