Maesi Caes Biography

Maesi Caes, an American professional dancer and Hall of Fame inductee, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of dance. With two Grand National Championships under her belt and a string of victories in various competitions, Caes has proven herself to be a true talent. From her early days at Becky Nalevanko’s Dance & Tumbling Studio to her rise to fame on the reality TV show ‘Dance Moms,’ Caes has captivated audiences with her incredible skills. Not only has she shared the stage with the likes of Justin Bieber, but she also possesses a wide range of dance knowledge and mesmerizing moves. Despite her young age, Caes has been dancing since childhood and continues to deliver breathtaking performances on TV and other platforms. As the sister of fellow dancer Maddie Caes, she is part of a dynamic duo that is taking the dance world by storm. Beyond her undeniable talent, Caes is known for her charm, hard work, and innocence. Balancing her demanding dance schedule with her studies, this young teenager aspires to become a choreographer in the future. With her dedication and passion, there is no doubt that Caes is destined for greatness in the world of dance.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 18 Years
  • Family: Father – John Caes, Mother – Jaime Caes, Siblings – John, Maddie
  • Occupation: Contemporary Dancer
  • Nationality: American
  • Height: 5’1″ (155 cm)
  • U.S. State: Iowa


Maesi Caes began dancing as a child and quickly gained recognition in the dance world. With the support of her parents, she participated in several dance competitions and even won two Grand National Championships. In 2016, Caes had the opportunity to perform on stage with the popular singer Justin Bieber during his ‘Purpose’ tour. This experience further solidified her passion for dance.

That same year, Caes was invited to join the seventh season of the TV show ‘Dance Moms.’ Alongside her mother, she appeared on the show and showcased her talent throughout the season. Caes gave numerous performances, including solo acts to the tracks “Encore” and “I’m Alive.” She also impressed audiences with an acrobatic performance alongside Elliana Walmsley in the episode titled ‘The Fresno Curse.’ Additionally, Caes performed as part of groups, collaborating with fellow dancers Lilliana Ketchman, Brynn Rumfallo, Camryn Bridges, Kalani Hilliker, Nia Frazier, and Kendall Vertes. Together, they delivered stunning performances to songs like “You Cannot Leave Me,” “Sleepless Nights,” and “Where Have all the Children Gone.”

Caes’s talent and passion for dance have also led her to make guest appearances on other reality TV dance competition programs, including ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Furthermore, she has her own YouTube channel where she shares her dance videos and performances. Since its launch in 2015, her channel has gained over 21k subscribers.

Personal Life

Maesi Caes was born on March 18, 2005, in Iowa, USA, to parents Jaime and John Caes. She comes from a family of dancers, as her sister Maddie is also a competitive dancer who has appeared on ‘Dance Moms.’ Caes also has a brother named John. She has formed close friendships with many fellow dancers, including Brynn Rumfallo, Kendall Vertes, Kalani Hilliker, Nia Frazier, Daviana Fletcher, Camryn Bridges, Lilliana Ketchman, and Elliana Walmsley.

Information about Caes’s education is currently unavailable. However, she has expressed her dream of becoming a popular choreographer in the future.

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