Mama Bee Biography

The ‘Eh Bee Family’, consisting of the dad, mom, son, and daughter, has become a sensation in the world of social media. Led by the matriarch, Mama Bee, this family has conquered multiple platforms and amassed a huge fan following. Mama Bee’s active involvement and undeniable chemistry with her family have played a crucial role in their success, from Vine to YouTube.

Quick Facts

  • Canadian Celebrities Born In October
  • Also Known As: Rosana Burgos
  • Age: 44 Years, 44 Year Old Females
  • Family:
    • Spouse/Ex-: Andreas B (Papa Bee)
    • Children: Miss Monkey (Gabrielle Umika Burgos), Mr. Monkey (Tyler Burgos)
  • Born Country: Uruguay

Rise to Stardom

It all started one Tuesday night in 2012, when Mama Bee’s husband, Andreas, decided to download the short 6-seconds long looping video sharing app Vine and post a random video of the kids playing in the snow. Mama Bee did not feature in the first Vine, but she was determined to make this a fun family venture and not just a day-to-day family vlog. Together with her husband, she came up with funny concepts for making videos. And the results were hilarious. Their Vines gradually captured the attention of the fans. Mama Bee made all efforts to keep the content funny, fresh, and family friendly.

They did everything from funny skits to rap to b-boying to pranks. As Mama uploaded more and more videos of her family, the more followers they gained. Before Vine shut down in 2016, they had acquired over 3.1 million followers. They had also been listed among the top 100 Vine accounts to follow and won the ‘Armstrong Vine Awards Grand Prize’ for Best Vine in 2015.

Transition to YouTube

Besides their Vine account, Mama Bee and her family started their YouTube channel and began interacting with the viewers. Even here, Mama Bee took great care to keep the family together as a cohesive unit and defined parts for each of the members to play. The content of the channel has variety, but uniformly funny. The enthusiasm shines through each family member and videos are uploaded at least thrice every week and the content is such that the whole family can watch. The channel has over 3.1 million subscribers and a whopping 445 million views.

Mama Bee’s Instagram Account

Apart from the ‘Eh Bee Family’ account, Mama Bee has her own Instagram account. This is the only platform where she has an individual account. The account has over 335K followers and she posts pictures not just as a mother but also as a woman with solid social message.

Social Media Presence

Together in multiple social media accounts like Facebook, Snapchat, TwitchTv, and iFunny, the Family channel has a total 17 million followers.

Brand Endorsements

Apart from the earnings from social media, Mama Bee also handles endorsements from a number of top brands. The brands get featured in their various social media accounts and as a part of their funny skits or videos, or special tie-up episodes. Brands like GSK, Johnson and Johnson, Nestle, Disney Parks, Nordstrom, Toyota and Mattel have tied up with Mama Bee’s channel and have been featured into one or more of their hilarious skits.

What Makes Mama Bee So Special

Mama Bee is quite naturally the glue that holds the ‘Eh Bee Family’ together. She takes her responsibility as a mother very seriously, and although it looks like the family is having fun non-stop, behind the scene, she is a real stickler for instilling values and discipline into the kids. She is a gorgeous Latin woman, proud of her South American culture and heritage. She also takes her social responsibilities quite seriously, as she is associated with a number of charities and Non-Profit organizations like Flonase® Allergy Relief.

Family & Personal Life

Mama Bee’s real name is Rosana, and the family is based out of Toronto, Canada. As a family, she tries her best to keep their identity off from the public knowledge as much as she can that is the reason why every family member has an adopted persona, not even referring to each other by their given names, but in this age of internet invasion, they were not successful at keeping their real names a secret. They, however, strive hard to keep details of their private life away from the limelight.

Mama Bee’s Papa Bee is Andreas Burgos and his initials have been the inspiration behind naming the channel. Her son, Mr. Monkey’s real name is Tyler while her daughter, Miss Monkey’s real name is Gabrielle. Both Mama and Papa Bee are of South American descent, although both are Canadian citizens currently. They two met at a club and hit it off almost immediately. Mama Bee is especially close to her family, presenting a wholesome and united front to the viewers, a fact that is not much removed from the truth. Mama Bee tries very hard to keep her kids’ life as normal as possible and even does not encourage filming everyday so that the non-filming days retain a sense of normalcy in the kids’ life.

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