Marla Catherine Henry Biography

Marla Catherine Henry is an American “YouTuber” who has gained a strong following with her entertaining content. As the fourth member of her family’s ‘YouTube’ venture, Marla’s rise as a vlogger was not unexpected, given her previous appearances on her family’s channel. With the support of her parents and older siblings, Marla started her own channel as a teenager and has since evolved her content to be more mature and creative. From teenage and girly content to DIYs and beauty and lifestyle videos, Marla has showcased her creativity and passion for being in front of the camera. In addition to her own channels, she also makes appearances on her family’s channel. This is truly Marla’s dream profession.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 20 Years
  • Family:
    • Father: Oliver
    • Mother: Ronda
    • Siblings: Evelyn, Nathan, Sam
  • U.S. State: Utah

Rise to Fame

Marla began her career in the social-media arena through ‘Instagram.’ She, however, did not have to struggle much to gain attention, as she was already part of her family ‘YouTube’ channel, ‘The 7 Henry’s.’ Marla has appeared in several videos on the channel. This brought her the experience of vlogging quite early in her life. She was then persuaded by her mother to start her channel, so that she could earn a fan base of her own on social media.

Marla launched her ‘YouTube’ channel on July 15, 2015. However, she continued to appear on her family channel. Her channel primarily hosts DIY projects, room decor, hauls, makeup and hair tutorials, Q&As, storytimes, and other such entertaining content. Interestingly, in her second video, Marla talked about babysitting. She was in her pre-teens when the video was published. Most of her subsequent videos were related to school days. Marla did a DIY video to decorate a school locker, which is one of her favorite videos on the channel. As she grew up, the content of the channel, too, started evolving. Marla was slowly making a move to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Since Marla is blessed with beautiful tresses, her hairstyle videos are quite popular with her fans. The first video of her channel to cross a million views was ‘REDECORATING MY ROOM 2017.’ Other equally popular videos are ‘HOW I MAKE MONEY AS A 13 YEAR OLD! | Marla Catherine,’ ‘How To Thrift Like a Pro,’ ‘EASY + CUTE HAIRSTYLES FOR SHORT HAIR,’ ‘How To Look Like An Instagram Model | Marla Catherine,’ ‘clean + decorate my room with me!.’ ‘trying to glow up in 48 hrs!!,’ ‘my after school night routine!,’ ‘how to make your basic clothes look cute,’ and ’20 OUTFITS for when you’ve got nothing to wear.’

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Marla’s immense popularity on her primary channel gave her the confidence to go for the second channel. Hence, in September 2016, Marla started her second ‘YouTube’ channel, which is primarily a vlog space. She creates travel diaries and other random vlogs for the channel. Most of her detailed Q&As are found on her second channel. However, her fan base on the channel is comparatively less than that on the first one.

Family & Personal Life

Marla was born on May 11, 2003, in Utah, to Oliver and Ronda. She is the fourth of the five children in her family. Her elder siblings are Evelyn, Nathan, Sam. Amanda (Amanda Claire) is the youngest of “The 7 Henry’s.” Marla is a member of the ‘Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,’ as mentioned on her ‘YouTube’ channel. She has learned to play the violin and the piano. Marla loves to watch old ‘Disney’ movies.

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