Matthew Espinosa Biography

Matthew Espinosa is a rising star in the world of social media, captivating millions with his striking looks and captivating videos. With a massive following on platforms like Vine, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, Matthew has quickly become a teenage sensation. He is also a member of the popular social media group MagCon Boys and has even made his mark on the big screen. Matthew’s strong connections with fellow internet sensations and his blossoming romance with actor Jessica Serfaty have only added to his growing fame.

Quick Facts

  • Nick Name: Matt Espinosa
  • Age: 26 Years, 26 Year Old Males
  • Family:
    • Father: Rafael Espinosa
    • Mother: Laura Espinosa
    • Siblings: Dylan (Brother), Kristen (Sister), Ryan (Brother)
  • Born Country: United States
  • Height: 5’11” (180 cm), 5’11” Males
  • U.S. State: Virginia

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Matthew Espinosa was a goofy, funny chap who grew up in a bustling household with three siblings. Since early, Matthew yearned for a spotlight. A born performer, he was restless to show the world who he was. His dad called him ‘Mr Hollywood’, little knowing that his son would live up to his nickname like a pro. A school project in second grade made Matthew come to terms with his love for media. He soon realised his real calling. Throughout his childhood years, he groomed himself for a career in media and that did eventually happen when Vine, a social media app was launched. The app kick-started Matthew Espinosa’s career, as he soon clutched on to his passion. And rest as they say is history. His videos brought him so much attention that he soon became an internet sensation. Till date, Matt’s biggest social media outlet is his Vine where he has risen to meteoric heights. His Vine account has more than 6.3 million followers, while his YouTube channel has crossed the 200K mark. His twitter has 3.83 million followers and his Instagram account shows 5.2 million followers.

What Makes Matthew Espinosa So Special

Well, we leave it for you to figure out in these small yet noticeable incidents! The mere presence of Matthew Espinosa at the Tyson’s Corner Mall in McLean, Virginia in 2013 caused a minor riot of sorts amongst the crowd. Police had to intervene to manage the mayhem. In 2015, Matthew showed up in disguise at the VidCon. Despite the cover-up, he was identified and quickly mobbed by the people. Matthew Espinosa is one quirky, cute teenage sensation that has taken the social media by storm with his videos and uploads. His attention-grabbing persona and cool quotient has made him at the top of his game with other prominent internet stars such as Aaron Carpenter, Taylor Caniff, Shawn Mendes, and Jack Johnson.

Beyond Fame

A quick fact – Did you know there is way more to Mathew Espinosa than being a Vine and YouTube star? Oh yes, agreed he is a social media phenomenon but Espinosa is not all about an internet sensation. The quirky cool guy has been more than just that. He has been a part of the MagCon Boys, a group of social media stars. In early 2016, Matt stepped out of his internet persona when he featured in the big screen for his debut film, ‘Be Somebody’. Matt has even starred in the popular news show, ‘Today’. His website offers his fans a wide range of ‘Matthew Espinosa’ merchandise to buy, right from accessories, t-shirts, posters and so on.

Behind The Curtains

Matthew Espinosa was born on July 7, 1997, to Rafael and Laura Espinosa in Woodbridge, Virginia. He has three siblings, two brothers, Ryan and Dylan, and a sister, Kristen. Matthew has gained his formal education from Bishop Ireton High School. Before gaining fame as a social media personality, Matthew was a sports enthusiast. He played football and lacrosse for his high school team. He is even well versed with playing the piano. Interestingly, right from an early age, Matthew espoused to become a star. His dad lovingly called him ‘Mr Hollywood’. He eyed for the spotlight to let the world know about his talent. And truly so, it happened when Vine came up! Matthew is today living his dream of shinning like a star with his social media celebrity status. He lived to his father’s provided nickname with his debut film, ‘Be Somebody’. Talking about his relationship status, Matthew has found love in Jessica Serfaty, an actress.

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