MiniBloxia Biography

MiniBloxia is an American YouTuber and gamer who has skyrocketed to social media stardom with his captivating Roblox-related content on YouTube. Known for his engaging gameplays, insightful commentary videos, and thrilling Roblox Bedwars clips, MiniBloxia has captivated a massive audience. Not only does he create remarkable content, but he also fearlessly reacts to videos made about him by other content creators. However, despite his immense popularity, MiniBloxia has found himself entangled in various controversies. From heated feuds with fellow gamer Parlo to public disputes with his former girlfriend, Opradea, MiniBloxia’s journey has been anything but ordinary.

Quick Facts

  • Boyfriend: Opradea
  • Also Known As: Jeremiah Sanchez
  • Age: 19 Years, 19 Year Old Males
  • Born Country: United States
  • U.S. State: New Mexico

Early Life

Jeremiah Sanchez, better known by his online pseudonym, MiniBloxia, is from New Mexico, US. He later moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Social Media Career

MiniBloxia gained overnight fame on YouTube with his Roblox-related content. Known mostly for his gameplay and commentary videos, he also has a signature introductory comment, “Alright Bois, in today’s videos okay.”

His first video was The Funnest Game On Roblox…(Roblox Bedwars!), posted in June 2021. One of his most-watched videos is titled I Caught A Streamer SCAMMING In Roblox BedWars! was posted on July 16, 2022.

The channel has, over the years, managed to amass thousands of subscribers. One of his most-watched videos show him reacting to YouTube videos made about him by other content creators. It garnered more than 600,000 views. Most of his videos are about Roblox Bedwars.

Some of his most popular YouTube videos are I Snuck Into a LIVESTREAMERS Hide And Seek…, The Random Armor CHALLENGE…, and I Trolled Everyone In My LIVESTREAM…


YkmMaster once hosted a livestream of the event Roblox Developers Conference. The event, however, ended up being canceled due to shooting threats from an account named @vinndict. MiniBloxia then alleged that YouTuber Parlo had created the said troll account. Parlo soon posted his reaction to this in the video This Roblox YouTuber Has Hit A New Low.. (Minibloxia Drama). MiniBloxia later apologized to Parlo.

MiniBloxia and his friends have also been accused of predatory behavior by MiniBloxia’s former girlfriend, Opradea.

Family Life

Not much is known about MiniBloxia’s family or relationships, as he seems to be quite secretive about his personal life. He has apparently been in a relationship with fellow Roblox gamer Opradea. He is also known to his fans for his eye-catching thick wavy hair.

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