Nyema Biography

Nyema, the Instagram personality with her iconic green-colored hair, has captured the hearts of over 350,000 subscribers with her hilarious acts and funky hairstyles. From funny videos to cool photographs, she never fails to entertain her followers. Collaborating with musical artist DJ Smallz 732 has only added to her growing popularity. Nyema’s fame skyrocketed when a viral video of her verbal fight with fellow Instagrammer Haayrican took the internet by storm. Not limited to Instagram, Nyema also shines on other social media platforms like YouNow and Twitter.

Quick Facts

  • Also Known As: Nyema Michelle
  • Age: 24 Years, 24 Year Old Females
  • U.S. State: New Yorkers
  • Ethnicity: African-American

Social Media Success

Nyema had a passion for acting right from her childhood. Being in front of the camera in order to entertain people has always been her dream. She thought of pursuing her dream with the help of social media. Her goal was to cater to a wide range of audience on the internet. She started off with Twitter and her tweets caught the attention of many. Nyema then became popular on Twitter and used her popularity to establish herself on other social media platforms.

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When she started video streaming on YouNow, it took her more time than she expected to make a name for herself in the live broadcasting platform. Nyema then started to work on her looks. She knew that a funky and quirky look would get her the desired attention which in turn would help her in earning more number of followers. Nyema was absolutely right in thinking so as her new look served the purpose. Her hair which now looked bright and green accompanied by her bold makeup made her an internet sensation.

She started using bright colored makeup products like green eyeliner and purple lipstick in order to stand out from the rest. After earning more than 20,000 fans on YouNow, Nyema shifted her focus towards Instagram. The photo and video-sharing application gave her a plenty of option to post pictures, memes and videos. She used the service provided by Instagram to a great extent and became a popular meme artist in no time.

Nyema had a live verbal fight with a fellow Instagrammer named Haayrican and the video went viral on the internet, making Nyema even more popular. She then made a sister tag video, along with her sister. She is also active on YouTube where she has posted a few music and challenge videos. After making her social media debut in 2011, it took almost four years for Nyema to make a name for herself in the world of internet.

Collaborations and Music Videos

Nyema has collaborated with DJ Smallz 732 for a series of music videos. Some of the music videos in which she has been featured are titled as ‘Skinny Girl Anthem’ and ‘Sexy walk Challenge’. She then collaborated with another musical artist named DJ Blizz for the music video of ‘Hands on my Body 3’. While these videos were produced by Flyy, they were directed and edited by Em Aych. Flyy has been featured as a performing artist in one of Nyema’s music videos.

DJ Smallz 732 went on to post an exclusive video on his personal YouTube channel, featuring Nyema as a twerk master. He titled the video as ‘Twerkaholic’. Another YouTuber named Mvntana posted a video titled ‘The Bounce Tape’. That video too, featured Nyema as a performing artist.

Nyema then posted a video in which she spoke about the verbal brawl which was going on between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. Nyema has also posted compilations of her twerk videos. She was then requested by her fans to take up the twerk challenge which had gone viral all over the internet.

Personal Life

Nyema was born on February 23, 1999, in Staten Island, New York City. She then moved to Richmond, Virginia, where she is currently residing. She has neither spoken about her family background nor her educational qualifications. Her relationship status too, is unknown.

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