Olivia Neill Biography

Meet Olivia Neill, the Irish TikTok star with over 1.2 million fans on her account, olivianeill. Known for her quirky and funny clips, Olivia has charmed millions with her unique content. But her popularity doesn’t stop there. With over 750k active subscribers on her YouTube channel, Olivia Neill, and 700k followers on Instagram (olivianeill), she has become a sensation across multiple platforms. Not to mention, Olivia has even collaborated with the famous American singer HRVY on TikTok. Get ready to be entertained by this rising star!

Quick Facts

  • Born Country: Ireland
  • Boyfriend: John Fletcher
  • Age: 22 Years, 22 Year Old Females

Rise to Fame

Olivia Neill initially started out on YouTube in 2016. She mostly posted vlogs that gradually got popular with the crowd. However, once she joined TikTok, her popularity simply exploded. Her videos got her huge fan following and she became a viral star on the platform. Olivia also has her own line of clothing available on the popular online fashion store Motelrocks. As a popular influencer, she has tie-ups with many brands.

Personal Life

Olivia Neill was born on September 28, 2001, in Belfast, Ireland. She has a brother and a sister. Olivia has shared some photos alongside her parents on Instagram. In 2020, she moved to London but later declared her plans to move back to Belfast. Her zodiac sign is Libra.

While she is passionate about social media, Olivia actually started making videos just for fun. According to her, she had no plans of taking social media that seriously, but when she became popular, she began taking her role as a content creator seriously. Olivia Neill is often seen loud and expressive in her videos. However, in an interview with The Irish News, Olivia stated that she is actually a lot less loud outside her videos. In the interview, she mentioned her dream of becoming a pilot. Olivia Neill maintains that she is still serious about her childhood dream and has plans for getting her private pilot’s license.

Olivia Neill was in a relationship with a guy named John Fletcher. The couple broke up in 2020. However, in a YouTube video, Olivia revealed that she is back with John Fletcher.

In 2020, Olivia was seen breaking COVID-19 lockdown rules. She later issued an apology video after receiving severe backlash from the online community.

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