Paris Anderson Biography

Paris Anderson is an American social media personality who gained fame as the girlfriend of YouTube star Tanner Braungardt. Despite their breakup in 2017, Paris has continued to thrive on social media, building a strong following on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. With over 219,000 followers on Instagram and 50,000 followers on Twitter, Paris has become a popular influencer, collaborating with various brands and promoting their products. Her breakup with Tanner created a buzz on the internet, further increasing her online presence.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 22 Years
  • Born Country: United States
  • List of Social Media Stars
  • American Women
  • U.S. State: Kansas

Social Media Fame

Paris became popular across social media platforms as the girlfriend of YouTube sensation Tanner Braungardt. Paris has always been a camera-shy person. Even when she was introduced as the girlfriend of Tanner Braungardt, she kept away from the limelight. However, she had her presence on various social media platforms even before she got into a relationship with Tanner Braungardt. She has been featured in many of Tanner’s YouTube videos, especially in his prank videos. She used to be his favorite subject.

It took some time for Paris to come out of her shell and show herself as a bold and camera-friendly girl. The viewers got to see this change in some of her later videos with Tanner. This encouraged her to gain popularity all by herself. Her Instagram feed proved the same after she started posting fun pictures and videos on the photo-sharing site. Her fan following gradually shot up and she became more active on Twitter too.

Relationship with Tanner

Paris started dating Tanner in December 2016. Tanner never revealed his relationship status as he too was not very comfortable bringing his personal life to the public. Before revealing his relationship status, he wanted to make sure they actually wanted to be together or not. However, in early 2017, they both introduced themselves as a couple. They seemed happy together and everything was going well between them. They even posted a video segment where they compiled their cute moments. Paris revealed how she hated Tanner’s nail-chewing habit, and how he would caress her hair to make up for it. Their Instagram account too was laden with their pictures.

Things, however, started to change all of a sudden. They started drifting apart towards the middle of 2017. Tanner, who was already a sensation on YouTube, tweeted that his demanding work took a toll on his personal life. Tanner and Paris used to fight quite often over petty things, which ultimately made them call off their relationship. However, they broke up quite amicably and ended the relationship on a good note, but their break-up disappointed their fans as they loved seeing them together.

At the end of the year, Paris’ Instagram feed got into some issue, which was directly linked to her breakup. She ended up in a total social media mess and deleted all her accounts right after. She reappeared on social media the following year and to her surprise, she was still quite a celebrity. Her new social media accounts are slowly getting picked up by her fans.

Personal Life

Paris Anderson was born on November 19, 2001, in Augusta, a city in Butler County of the Midwestern US state of Kansas. Paris considers her mother as her best friend. Her siblings are her second-best buddies. She has a brother named Hunter Anderson and a sister Cali Marie Anderson.

Nothing is known about her education. Her all-time favorite television show is ‘The Walking Dead.’ Paris is a movie buff and loves surfing on Netflix for her favorites. She wishes to own a Pink Ferrari someday.

Paris’s favorite beverage is Choco milk which she orders every time she is eating out. Her dressing style is quite casual and more tom-boyish. Her favorite piece of clothing is a crop top, which she owns in abundance. She is a pet lover. She owns a few canines and wishes to have more in the future.

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