Peet Montzingo Biography

Meet Peet Montzingo, the American TikTok sensation who has taken the comedy world by storm. Known for his unique sense of humor and relatable content, Peet shares his experiences of not fitting in as the only person of normal height in his family of dwarfs. With a humorous twist, he brings laughter to his audience while shedding light on his personal struggles. Peet’s content often features his beloved family, particularly his mom, adding an extra layer of heartwarming charm. Beyond TikTok, Peet has also ventured into writing and music, showcasing his diverse talents. Get ready to be entertained and inspired by this multi-talented individual.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 33 Years
  • Family: Mother – Andrew Montzingo, Jen Montzingo
  • Born Country: United States
  • U.S. State: Washington

Early Life

Peter Montzingo, better known online as Peet Montzingo, is from Seattle, Washington, US, and now lives in Los Angeles, California. He attended the Shorewood High School in King County, Washington.

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Born into a family of dwarfs, he outgrew his parents and siblings by age 8. Since he found himself different, he often expressed his wish to become a dwarf in childhood. Interestingly, all their furniture was customized to help his other family members, and Pete found it difficult and felt like a giant. He began performing skits in childhood and created his TikTok account in early 2020.

Social Media Career

Peet first became a household name with his engaging content on his TikTok account, peetmontzingo. Most of this content on the platform showcases his mother, Vicki, and is centered on comedy. His content is interesting since he often talks about his struggles of growing up as the only person with normal height in a family of dwarfs. Over the years, he has gained millions of followers on TikTok. Equally popular on YouTube, he was once ranked 17th on the list of the Top 50 Most Viewed US YouTube Channels. He has also performed as part of the boy band 5WEST and is managed by 28th Ave Management. In 2022, he co-wrote the picture book Little Imperfections, which highlighted themes such as “not fitting in.”

Family Life

One of the 3 kids of Darrell and Vicki Montzingo, Peet is the only member of his family who is not a dwarf. He grew up with his 2 siblings: his older sister, Jennifer ‘Jen’ Montzingo, and his older brother, Andrew Montzingo, both of whom have been school teachers. Growing up, Peet did not get along well with Andrew. Andrew, due to his dwarfism, had to go through multiple spine surgeries and even suffered from breathing difficulties.

Peet is also known for his interest in the paranormal and supernatural. He once lived across the haunted Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles and recorded some strange experiences with the help of a drone camera. He later posted his clips on TikTok.

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