Phil Lester Biography

Meet Phil Lester, the charming English guy who has taken the internet by storm. Known as ‘AmazingPhil’, he is a well-known YouTube v-logger and a cool radio presenter. With over 3 million subscribers and 2 million followers on Instagram, Phil’s irresistible comic style has made him a sensation in the world of online entertainment. Let’s dive into his world and discover the genius behind his success.

Quick Facts

  • British Celebrities Born In January
  • Also Known As: Philip Michael Lester
  • Age: 36 Years, 36 Year Old Males
  • Family: siblings: Martyn Lester
  • Height: 6’2″ (188 cm), 6’2″ Males
  • Notable Alumni: University Of York
  • Education: University Of York

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

The first You Tube video upload of 2006 in February, ‘Awaiting the Tide’ was a game changer for this effervescent 19 year old chap back then. His first vlog ‘Phil’s Video Blog – 27th March 2006’ also set him rolling to his meteoric rise to fame. His terrific performances have blessed him with over 3.6 million subscribers and win a status of a distinguished comedy ace.

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Lester has yet another channel on You Tube, ‘LessAmazingPhil’ which is also adding to the ever expanding eminence of the star. Phil is a part of the popular ‘Fantastic Foursome’ group of British You Tubers which comprises of Dan Howell, Chris Kendall, and PJ Liguori. Along with his fondest pal, Dan Howell, he created a joint channel, ‘DanAndPhilGames’, a portal for playing video games and recording the same. Yet another milestone in Lester’s profession is the renowned YouTube video series, the ‘Super Amazing Project’, which is part of the boy’s ‘My Damn Channel’. This platform gives one an opportunity to include scary or bizarre occurrences and strange news events. Creator of the YouTube stirrer, ‘The Seven Second Challenge’, this black-eyed bigwig has made his fans go gaga over him.

Television and Movie Appearances

Well we won’t be surprised to learn that the rising star has appeared a couple of times on the television. By being part of ‘The Weakest Link’, Blue Peter and Friday Download, a advert and the Jeremy Kyle audience he has stirred many a hearts. He even starred in the movie ‘Faintheart’ as Tim which was released in 2009. We can’t agree more on how this budding star made a mark on radio by co-hosting a ‘BBC Radio 1’ entertainment show along with Dan Howell. The show allowed listeners to dedicate songs and do challenges. Consequently, the duo’s performance as presenters made the ‘Sony Golden Headphones Award’ fall into their kitty.

What Makes Phil Lester So Special

Internet today, is an incredibly compelling platform for one to climb up the ladder of success and renown. With a potential of turning one into a star overnight, the efficacy of this tool stands unparalleled. Young stars in particular, like our own ‘Amazing Phil’, are mastering this art with absolute ease and deftness. But of course, after all the ballyhoo around the web, the next thing we really can’t ignore is the young lad’s talent and brilliance in his area of expertise. The assorted ways in which Mr. Lester has turned up in his videos on YouTube is simply awesome and amusing. His versatility and freakish style is adding to his fan following and supporters all across the globe.

Beyond Fame

After setting their YouTube feats ablaze on the web, Phil and Dan’s book, ‘The Amazing Book is Not on Fire: The World of Dan and Phil’ was introduced in the shelves of world’s bookstores. The imminent personalities have a tale to share which I am sure will leave you enraptured. Interestingly, the book, which got released in October 2015, is about the amazing lives of the two playful lads, their comical videos and their observations about the world.

Behind The Curtains

The brilliant You Tube star’s complete name is Phillip Michael Lester and is a British by origin. He was born on 30th January, 1987 in Rossendale, Lancashire, England, U.K.. He has an elder brother named, Martyn Lester. Currently he resides along with his best pal, Dan Howell in London and since then the two have been featuring together in couple of videos and radio shows. He completed high school in Manchester and a Master of Arts in Video Postproduction with Specialization in Visual Effects from the University of York. We have not been provided with much information on Phil’s girlfriend as he has not revealed anything about his relationship status currently. Even though rumors always take the better of you, still we don’t have facts which can conform anything about him in this regard. In reality, Phil is known to for his wisdom and considering his take on life and its aspects, his heart is definitely at the right place. As per a few sources, his school has molded his life in ways which have been quite favorable for Phil. In one of the videos, you can have a glimpse of his school and the boy himself in his the school photo covered in the same. The Lion is his favorite animal and no wonder you will see this mighty animal as a recurring theme in the background, in quite a few of his videos. ‘It’s a good thing to be strange; normalness leads to sadness.’ is one of Phil’s famous quotes. So this is all about the multi-talented, accomplished and profoundly splendid Phil Lester.

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