Pierre Boo Biography

Pierre Boo, a French social media influencer, has gained fame for his hilarious comic and lip sync videos on TikTok. Not only is he known for his entertaining content, but also for his youthful appearance that captivates viewers on YouTube and TikTok. With his chiseled physique and age-defying looks, Pierre has amassed a significant following, particularly among female fans. However, what truly sets Pierre apart is his relationship with his boyfriend, Nicky Champa. Together, they run the popular YouTube channel, Nicky and Pierre, where they offer glimpses into their daily lives and share important moments. As one of the most beloved couples in the social media realm, Nicky and Pierre proudly showcase their sexual orientation, inspiring countless individuals to embrace and celebrate their own identities.

Quick Facts

  • Girlfriend: Nicky
  • Also Known As: Pierre Amaury Crespeau
  • Age: 37 Years, 37 Year Old Males
  • Family:
    • Father: Jean-Pierre Crespeau
    • Mother: Virginia Crespeau
    • Siblings: Arnaud, Giancarlo, Marie-Sophie
  • Born Country: France
  • City: Boulogne-Billancourt, France

Pierre Boo’s Career Journey

Pierre Boo developed an interest in acting and modeling at a young age. In 2014, he began his social media journey on Instagram, where he shared his modeling photos. However, since his account was on private settings, he didn’t gain much recognition at that time.

In pursuit of his acting career, Pierre decided to move to the USA. It was in 2017 that he met Nicky Champa during an audition for a movie. However, as their acting careers were not taking off, they shifted their focus to the social media platform, which was booming at that time. They started sharing their relationship journey on Instagram, gaining a significant number of followers. Today, Pierre’s Instagram account has 1 million followers.

In 2019, Pierre decided to join the TikTok trend. His TikTok content includes lip-syncing, pranks, dancing, and comedy videos. He often collaborates with his boyfriend, Nicky Champa, to create entertaining videos for their fans. Pierre’s TikTok videos gained popularity for being entertaining, engaging, and original. He now has over 11 million TikTok followers, and together with Nicky, they have a combined following of over 20 million on TikTok alone. They have become recognizable figures, with people stopping them on the street for autographs.

Expansion to YouTube and Future Plans

With the success of his TikTok career, Pierre decided to expand his social media presence. He had been active on YouTube since 2017, but it was when he and Nicky started their YouTube channel called “Nicky and Pierre” in 2020 that they hit the jackpot. On their channel, they entertain their fans with pranks, Q&A sessions, moving into their new apartment in Los Angeles, and reading out their moms’ texts, among other content. Their chemistry and originality have garnered them over 800K subscribers on YouTube, with many of their videos going viral and receiving millions of views.

In the near future, Pierre and Nicky plan to upload long-form videos on YouTube and develop a show based on their lives. They have also attracted the attention of big brands like ASOS, Ariana Grande, and Spotify, who sponsor their social media pages. Additionally, Pierre and Nicky are working on creating their own fashion brand, but they want to ensure they have a solid platform before launching it.

What Makes Pierre Boo Special

Pierre Boo’s youthful appearance is one of the things that fans love about him. Alongside this, his funny and entertaining content sets him apart from others on social media. His content is always original, making him stand out from the crowd. Pierre is also known for his fashion sense, always wearing trendy clothes that appeal to his fan base. He often incorporates music from his favorite artist, Doja Cat, into his videos, which his fans adore.

Controversies & Scandals

Pierre Boo has not been involved in any major controversies so far. However, during the early stages of his TikTok journey, some people doubted his age due to his youthful appearance. They accused him of undergoing plastic surgery to achieve his symmetrical look. Pierre later admitted to having cheekbone surgery to enhance his features.

Family & Personal Life

Pierre Boo was born on September 12, 1990, in Paris, France. He is a French national and grew up in France. His parents, Virginia Crespeau and Jean-Pierre Crespeau, are also French nationals. Pierre has two brothers named Arnaud and Giancarlo, as well as a sister named Marie-Sophie. While he has graduated from high school, it is unknown whether he attended college.

Pierre and Nicky first met at an audition in 2017. Nicky was immediately captivated by Pierre’s beauty and contacted their shared agent. They arranged a meeting and have been dating since then.

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