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Pio Marmai is a highly acclaimed French actor, known for his remarkable performances in films such as ‘The First Day of the Rest of Your Life’, ‘Living on Love Alone’, ‘Maestro’, and ‘Toute première fois’. With a background in an artistic family, Marmai’s passion for acting was nurtured from a young age. He made his screen debut in 2008 and has since become a prominent figure in the French entertainment industry. Marmai’s talent has been recognized with multiple award nominations, including three César Awards and two Prix Patrick Dewaere.

Quick Facts

  • French Celebrities Born In July
  • Girlfriend: Charlotte Ranson
  • Age: 39 Years, 39 Year Old Males
  • Family: father: Enzo Marmaï, mother: Cathy
  • Born Country: France
  • Actors
  • French Men
  • Notable Alumni: Créteil Conservatoire
  • City: Strasbourg, France
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  • Education: Créteil Conservatoire
  • Awards: César Award for Most Promising Actor, César Award for Best Actor


Pio Marmai began his career on stage. In 2006, he started appearing in Jean-Claude Berutti’s revival of Édouard Bourdet’s 1934 four-act play ‘Les Temps difficiles’ at the Théâtre du Vieux-Colombier (Comédie-Française). In the following year, he acted in Nathalie Mauger’s production of Alfred de Musset’s 1833 play ‘André del Sarto’. From 2015 to 2016, he was directed by Richard Brunel in a revival of Bernard-Marie Koltès’ last play ‘Roberto Zucco’ (1988).

In 2008, Marmai played a character named Jérémie in writer-director Vincent Dietschy’s comedy film ‘Didine’. That year, he also portrayed Albert Duval in the cult film ‘The First Day of the Rest of Your Life’. Written and directed by Rémi Bezançon, the movie earned him his first nomination for the César Award for Most Promising Actor. He would be nominated in the same category in 2011, for Isabelle Czajka’s drama film ‘Living on Love Alone’.

Marmai’s first television appearance also occurred in 2008, in Marion Vernoux’s telefilm ‘Rien dans les poches’. In 2009, he starred in two films: Patricia Plattner’s drama ‘Bazar’ and Christophe Campos’ black comedy ‘Murphy’s Law’. He worked with filmmaker Lola Doillon in ‘In Your Hands’ (2010), a drama film that also stars English actress Kristin Scott Thomas and Swiss actor Jean-Philippe Écoffey. Later that year, he starred in two back-to-back TV movies, ‘Le pas Petit Poucet’ and ‘Mon père, Francis le Belge’. In 2011, he worked with Bezançon once more in the French-Belgian comedy-drama film ‘A Happy Event’. Marmai portrayed Nicolas opposite Louise Bourgoin’s Barbara, a couple whose notion of perfect love is tested when Barbara becomes pregnant.

In David and Stéphane Foenkinos’s 2011 romantic comedy-drama ‘Delicacy,’ Marmai was cast as François, a young handsome man who falls in love with a young beautiful woman named Nathalie (Audrey Tautou). They get married but François is soon killed in an accident. Later in the film, Nathalie meets Markus Lundl (François Damiens), a remarkably normal man, and a relationship gradually develops between the two. The movie was the cinematic adaptation of David Foenkinos’s novel of the same name.

In 2012, he played Alex Raphaelson, a 27-year-old Jewish drug dealer from Paris, in Elie Wajeman’s drama film ‘Aliyah’. He also appeared in an episode of the TV show ‘La collection donne de la voi(e)x’ and played the titular role in the telefilm ‘Nights with Théodore’. In the 2014 comedy-drama ‘In the Courtyard’, Marmai collaborated with filmmaker Pierre Salvadori, who won a Swann d’or for Best Director at the 2014 Cabourg Film Festival for the film. It was also shown at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival.

Marmai shared screen space with industry veterans Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, and Michael Nyqvist in writer/director Marc Fitoussi’s 2014 comedy film ‘Paris Follies’. He worked with another veteran actor, Michael Lonsdale, in the comedy-drama film ‘Maestro’. In the 2015 comedy film ‘Toute première fois’, Marmai played a Parisian gay man named Jérémie Deprez, who starts a passionate relationship with a woman despite being engaged to his future husband. He then collaborated with Bezançon for the third time in the latter’s film ‘Our Futures’.

In 2016, he starred opposite Gilbert Melki in Sylvain Desclous’ dramedy ‘Vendeur’. Marmai and actors Ana Girardot and François Civil played siblings in the drama film ‘Back to Burgundy’ (2017). In the same year, he essayed the roles of Boris in the thriller ‘K.O.’ and Thomas in the fantasy comedy ‘Christmas & Co.’ His outing as Antoine Parent in Pierre Salvadori’s ‘The Trouble with You’ in 2018 brought him a nomination for the César Award for Best Actor. In 2019, he played Roman Clémenti in the drama film ‘Losing It’. Marmai is set to star in the upcoming films ‘Lost and Found’, ‘Felicita’, and ‘Comment je suis devenu un super-héros’.

Family & Personal Life

Pio Marmai was born on July 13, 1984, in Strasbourg, France, to Cathy (née Strub) and Enzo Marmaï. His mother, a French Alsatian, was once the costume designer at the Opéra de Strasbourg and his Italian immigrant father was a set designer. Pio has been educated at the School Les Enfants Terribles theatre of Paris, Créteil conservatoire and the School of the Comédie in Saint-Étienne. He is presently dating Charlotte Ranson, a dancer and coryphée affiliated with the Paris Opera.

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