PopularMMOs Biography

Patrick Julianelle, also known as PopularMMOs, is a popular gamer and YouTube personality. With his comical commentary and entertaining Minecraft videos, he has gained a massive following of over 11 million subscribers on his channel, Let’s Play. Patrick is known for his famous characters such as Captain Cookie, Bellie, The Disguised Man, and Carter, and his popular series including Vlogs, Hide & Seek Challenge, World of Warcraft, and The Crafting Dead. In addition to his main channel, Patrick also owns two other channels, PatVsTheWorld and DungeonNoobAdventure. With around 7 billion views, Patrick enjoys challenging his fans with various challenges like the Best Rank Challenge and Leaderboard Challenge. He often collaborates with his wife, GamingWithJen, who is also an avid gamer. With an undergraduate degree in psychology and a quirky sense of humor, Patrick continues to entertain and engage his audience with his unique gaming content.

Quick Facts

  • Also Known As: Patrick Julianelle
  • Age: 35 Years, 35 Year Old Males
  • Family: Spouse/Ex-: Jennifer Flagg (GamingWithJen)
  • Born Country: United States
  • Height: 5’8″ (173 cm), 5’8″ Males
  • U.S. State: Connecticut

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Patrick joined YouTube and started his channel, PopularMMOs in April, 2012. It took around 2 years to get a million subscribers for Patrick. However, in the next two years, his subscribers grew exponentially, around 10 times to reach 10 million! He uploads 1-3 videos every day and has uploaded more than 3500 videos till date. He has reached around 7 billion views and counting. His earliest videos feature the game Runescape. Afterwards he turned towards Atlantica, Tera, World of Warcraft, and others. In March 2017, he reached a record YouTube following of 11 million subscribers. One of his Minecraft videos recently crossed a whopping 37 million views.

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PopularMMOs teams up with GamingWithJen

PopularMMOs teams up with his wife and fellow YouTuber, GamingWithJen, in his videos. The duo has also recorded several hilarious challenges.

Patrick started his other gaming channels, ‘PatVsTheWorld’ and ‘DungeonNoobAdventure’ in 2013 and 2012, respectively, but PopularMMOs is his main claim to fame.

What Makes PopularMMOs So Special

Patrick comes across as a courageous and determined guy. He is funny in his videos, especially, when he is around with Jen. He likes to play pranks when she is not around. His videos also feature his caring side as he always seen caring about Jen, Captain Cookie and his primary pets. He ends up killing his pets in the game. However, in real world he loves animals and spends time with them. His gaming pets include Kitty, Sparky, Destroyer, Bomby and others. He tries to keep his fan base entertained by introducing new series, characters and challenges in his videos. He considers himself lucky because he has a wife with whom he shares what he does and he loves what he does for a living. Gaming is his favorite hobby and he has a whole room full of gaming equipment. He is very innovative as he keeps himself busy in his gaming world, inventing and innovating new stuff and names for everything. This ability to keep working even after reaching great heights is what makes him special.

Behind the Curtains

Patrick Julianelle (Popularmmos) was born on November 25, 1988 in Connecticut, US. He lives with his wife, Jennifer Flagg, also known as Jen, in Florida, where he recently shifted. He married Jen in May, 2015. They were in a relationship for five years before that. She is a part of almost all his videos nowadays. She also owns another channel, GamingwithJen, where she uploads gaming videos. He is also a part of her video uploads. He loves animals and has many pets. They had a cat, Alice, which they returned to the local pet shelter. Recently, they got a new one and named it Cloud, because of its soft snow white fur. He first met Jen during high school while doing a community service for a local animal shelter. He has an undergraduate degree in psychology. His favorite YouTuber is Nerd Alert.

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