Pyper Jones Biography

Meet Pyper Jones, the American social-media star who has taken the internet by storm. With a massive following on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, Pyper has become a household name. Known as “the holy trinity” and “pypeher” on TikTok, she is loved for her energetic personality and captivating content. Pyper made headlines when she came out as a lesbian on Instagram, and since then, she has been an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. While her personal life remains mostly private, she often shares glimpses of her family and friends on Instagram and TikTok. Join the Pyper Jones fandom and discover the world of this talented cheerleader and volleyball player turned social-media sensation.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 21 Years
  • Family: Father – Kimberly Jones, Mother – Tracy
  • Born Country: United States
  • Grouping of People: Lesbian
  • Education: Cherryville High School

Early Life

Pyper Jones was born on March 10, 2002, in the United States of America, to Tracy and Kimberly Jones. She grew up in Cherryville, North Carolina. Some sources state that she graduated from the ‘Cherryville High School’ in June 2020. She is also said to be a skilled volleyball player and was part of her school team. Pyper has also been part of the cheerleading team of ‘Legends Cheer Elite.’

Rise of a TikTok Star

Pyper Jones began her social-media journey with ‘TikTok.’ Soon, she gained a decent fan base with her transition clips and funny videos. She is known as “the holy trinity” or “pypeher” (her ‘TikTok’ id) on the platform. Her account boasts of more than 504,000 fans and 31.5 million likes. Her first ‘TikTok’ video, posted on February 12, 2019, was captioned “brb failing junior year.” She once created a ‘TikTok’ clip set to rapper 50 Cent’s track ‘Just a Lil Bit.’ One of her most famous videos was titled “Mood All Day.” She often posts videos featuring her mother. She also often collaborates with other ‘TikTok’ stars, creating split-screen duets with them.

She is also quite popular on ‘Instagram.’ Her account on the platform, titled “shoodaloo310,” has gained more than 108,000 followers. She often posts eye-catching photographs with her family and friends on her profile. A few of her ‘Instagram’ posts are dedicated to her father, which prove she is quite close to him. In 2019, she posted some photos from the ‘Cleveland County Fair.’

An unverified account on ‘Twitter,’ bearing her name (pyperjones2), has around 1,727 followers. It was formed in April 2020. She is also on ‘Snapchat’ as “shoodaloo_310.”

Pyper Jones as a Person

Pyper Jones publicly came out as a lesbian on ‘Instagram’ in mid-November 2019. She posted a picture of herself holding her cat, with a caption that stated that she had finally revealed to her parents that she was “gay.” She also stated that she had been in the closet for so long because she was “terrified of the reaction” she would get. However, she claimed she was finally feeling free after the revelation. On April 26, 2020, she posted a selfie on ‘Instagram’ and wished everyone a happy “national lesbian visibility day.”

She also posted her graduation photos in June 2020. Back in December 2018, she had posed on ‘Instagram’ with two of her cheerleading mates of ‘Legends Cheer Elite,’ stating that they were part of the first team in ‘Legends’ history to have received a summit bid.

Pyper Jones revealed through an ‘Instagram’ post that she had struggled with body dysmorphia throughout her life and thus encouraged people to speak about body-image issues and fight against the unrealistic portrayal of women’s bodies in the media.

She promotes her own merchandise on her social-media profiles. Her brand of sweatshirts and hoodies are available on ‘’ and ‘’

Pyper Jones is an animal lover and often posts pictures of her cat. She also loves to travel.

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