Rainbow ASMR Biography

Lela Anderson, also known as “Rainbow ASMR,” is a well-known American YouTube star and a prominent member of the ASMR community. With her popular YouTube channel, Rainbow ASMR, she has gained a significant following and is recognized for her ability to create content that provides viewers with a soothing and relaxing experience. Starting her channel at just 10.5 years old, Lela quickly captured attention with her first video, “ASMR-(role-play) mean popular girl does your makeup.” Since then, her channel has flourished, attracting a large number of subscribers and views. Known for her role-playing and makeup application videos, some of her most popular content includes “ASMR mean older sister does your makeup (role-play)” and “ASMR- shaving cream on the microphone| plastic wrap.” In addition to her YouTube success, Rainbow ASMR has also gained popularity on her Instagram account, rainbowasmr.lela.

Quick Facts

  • Also Known As: Lela Anderson
  • Age: 17 Years, 17 Year Old Females
  • Born Country: United States

CareerRainbow ASMR’s Journey to Success

CareerRainbow ASMR, also known as Lela Anderson, was just like any other kid until she started gaining attention for her ASMR videos on YouTube. She launched her channel, ‘Rainbow ASMR,’ on June 13, 2017, and a couple of months later, on August 17, she posted her first video titled ‘ASMR-(role-play) mean popular girl does your makeup.’ This video has now accumulated over 681 thousand views.

One of her early posts that became quite popular was the video ‘ASMR-(rp) tattoo shop,’ published on September 24, 2017, which has since gained over 2.2 million views. As time went on, several of her videos attracted a huge number of viewers, increasing both her subscriber base and the overall view count on her channel. She quickly became one of the youngest members of the ASMR community to make a mark in the field.

The most popular video on her channel so far is ‘ASMR mean older sister does your makeup (role-play).’ Published on October 10, 2017, this video has already gained more than 3.6 million views. Other popular videos on her channel include ‘ASMR- shaving cream on the microphone| plastic wrap,’ ‘ASMR- makeup artist does your makeup ?,’ and ‘ASMR- getting your face painted ????’ Many of these videos feature Rainbow ASMR doing role-plays and applying makeup.

In addition to her YouTube success, Rainbow ASMR has also earned thousands of followers on her Instagram account, ‘rainbowasmr.lela.’ On this account, she has shared several adorable pictures.

Family & Personal Life

Rainbow ASMR, whose real name is Lela Anderson, was born on December 14, 2006, in the US. Not much is known about her parents or education, as she prefers to keep her personal life away from the limelight. However, according to her Instagram account, she is an equestrian.

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