Rhett LeRoy Biography

Rhett LeRoy, the talented and sporty 11-year-old American “YouTuber,” is making waves on the internet. As part of the famous LeRoy family, known for their popular YouTube channel, Rhett has also created his own channel where he showcases his unique videos. With over 43 thousand subscribers, Rhett is quickly gaining recognition for his funny and expressive nature. Alongside his older sister, Kesley Jade, Rhett enjoys engaging in various sports and capturing their adventures on camera. With his growing popularity, Rhett LeRoy is poised to become the next-generation internet sensation across multiple social media platforms.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 16 Years
  • Family:
    • Father: Cory LeRoy
    • Mother: Shanna LeRoy
    • Siblings: Kesley, Logan, Perri, Reese


Rhett LeRoy was first introduced by his parents on their personal ‘YouTube’ channel, ‘The LeRoys.’ Rhett appeared on the digital platform for the first time along with his other siblings in their initial videos, in which the LeRoy family introduced themselves. Since then, Rhett and his older sister, Kesley, have appeared together on their parents’ videos multiple times. Most of these videos are about sibling bonding, showing them “fooling around” the house and the neighborhood.

Rhett and his siblings have also been featured in many of his parents’ videos, as a family. There are various types of videos involving the kids, including their talent shows, casual everyday-life videos, and cooking sessions with the family. Rhett and his older sister, Kesley, share a great bond together. They have made many videos together and have uploaded them on both Rhett and Kesley’s channels. The two siblings can be seen sharing fun moments and even making makeup and eating challenge videos together.

Rhett has over 43 thousand subscribers on his personal ‘YouTube’ channel, where he has uploaded five videos as of June 25, 2019. In one of those videos, Rhett can be seen with Kesley, trying to recreate model Kylie Jenner’s lip with hair spray and a hairdryer. The two siblings have also tried various tricks on their younger siblings, and the video has earned over 61 thousand views within just a month of being uploaded.

Family & Personal Life

Rhett LeRoy was born in Utah, on October 24, 2007, to Cory LeRoy and Shanna LeRoy. He has three siblings, older sister Kesley and two younger sisters, Perri and Reese. Rhett is a sports enthusiast and often skips school to go skiing with his friends. He also loves football and rugby.

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