Rory John Gates Biography

Rory John Gates, the son of Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates and his ex-wife Melinda Gates, is making a name for himself as a philanthropist and advocate for global issues. Currently studying law at the University of Chicago, Rory has been involved in charitable giving since he was a child, following in his parents’ footsteps. Despite once being hailed as the world’s richest heir, Rory will only receive a fraction of his father’s fortune as Bill has committed to donating the majority of his wealth to charities.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 24 Years
  • Family: Father – Bill Gates, Mother – Melinda Gates, Siblings – Jennifer Katharine Gates, Phoebe Adele Gates
  • Born Country: United States
  • Height: 1.65 m
  • City: Seattle, Washington
  • U.S. State: Washington
  • American Men

Rory John Gates: A Law Student

Rory John Gates, like his father and elder sister Jennifer, attended Lakeside School, Seattle’s most elite private school. Currently, he is a law student at the University of Chicago. In November 2018, a picture of him with other competitors at the Windy City Regional was shared by the University of Chicago Moot Court Team’s Facebook profile. It was reported by the Chicago Tribune that Bill Gates had purchased a house in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago for $1.25 million, presumably for Rory’s accommodation.

A Poet at Heart

Rory John Gates’ talent for words was evident from a young age. During a family trip to Europe in 2010, he wrote a poem about light after being tutored by his father in the subject of physics. At just 10 years old, Rory was already learning about different forms of poetry and decided to write a diamante, a seven-line poem in the shape of a diamond. He began the poem with “light” and transitioned to “dark”. Rory wanted his poem to be published, so he asked his father to publish it on his blog, The Gates Notes.

Raised as a Feminist

Melinda Gates, Rory’s mother, wrote an essay for Time magazine in which she discussed the kind of man she had raised. She described Rory as compassionate, curious, intelligent, well-read, and deeply informed about a wide range of issues. However, what made her the proudest was that Rory is a feminist. Melinda fondly remembered how he impressed her with his outlook on gender equality during a trip to East Africa that they took together.

Continuing the Legacy of Philanthropy

Rory John Gates’ parents, Bill and Melinda Gates, run the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and have instilled a sense of philanthropy in their children. The Gates family often visited developing nations to learn about their struggles and be involved in philanthropic endeavors. Rory, who earned pocket money doing chores around the house, would often donate one-third of it to support various charities. This prompted his parents to contribute the same amount to the cause as well.

A Private Life

Rory John Gates and his siblings had a strict upbringing and were not allowed to have mobile phones until they were 14. Even then, they had limited screen time and were not active on social media like most teenagers. As a result, pictures of the Gates children were scarce until Jennifer started using Instagram after turning 19. Tabloids often resorted to using pictures of celebrities on articles about the younger Gates, such as American actress and model Rachael Leigh Cook for Jennifer and actor Chord Paul Overstreet for Rory. This trend has continued even after rare family vacation photos of Bill and Melinda with their three children were published in the media. Despite this, recent pictures of Rory John Gates have surfaced online several times in the past few years, but the most-used picture on his online profiles is still one of Chord Paul Overstreet.

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