Ross Hornby Biography

Ross Hornby is a British “YouTuber” and gamer, known for his involvement in the production house ‘HAT Films’ and the popular ‘Yogscast’ videos. He is also a creator of the ‘HAT Chat’ podcast and has a separate ‘YouTube’ channel under the alias ‘djh3max.’ While his personal channel may not have a large following, ‘HAT Films’ has a strong presence on various social-media platforms.

Quick Facts

  • British Celebrities Born In September
  • Age: 35 Years
  • Height: 6’4″ (193 cm)

The Inception of ‘HAT Films’

‘HAT Films’ is a production company that creates gameplays and other videos related to video games such as ‘Minecraft’ and ‘Trials Evolution.’ It also creates other games for the ‘YouTube’ channel ‘Yogscast.’

Ross’ Association

The ‘HAT Films’ trio is now a name to reckon with in the gaming arena. The team’s efforts to deliver high-quality entertainment are commendable. Ross, the eldest of the three members, usually stays away from the immature conversations between Smith and Trott. However, that does not make him less entertaining. He often cracks jokes with Smith and Trott and even engages in jamming sessions with them. Ross is also the most skilled editor of the three, showcasing his incredible editing skills in a number of ‘HAT Films’ productions, especially in their ‘USA Roadtrip’ vlogs.

Beyond HAT Films

Apart from being part of ‘HAT Films,’ Ross has been associated with a number of other projects. He owns a ‘YouTube’ channel named ‘djh3max,’ which is also his online alias. However, the channel is not remarkably popular and has a little over two thousand subscribers. Ross also has a ‘Twitter’ account where he posts about ‘HAT Films’ and its productions, earning him 123 thousand followers. Ross has a number of other usernames and online aliases such as ‘DjHD3DCinemax,’ ‘RossHORNY,’ ‘Rock,’ ‘Ground-Scrub,’ ‘Mickey Pokey,’ ‘Ross “Own Goal” Hornby,’ ‘Rob,’ and ‘Rossperu.’

Ross’ Personal Life

Ross was born Ross Steward Hornby on September 7, 1988, in England. He is from Swindon, a large town in the county of Wiltshire, South West England. Ross grew up with his two brothers: Sebastian and Alex (not Alex Smith). He is fond of ‘Pringles’ and ‘Kinder Chocolate.’ Ross is also an ardent pet lover and owns two dogs. He had once auditioned for the role of ‘Harry Potter’ but was not chosen for the role.

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