Roy Purdy Biography

Roy Purdy is an American musician and social media personality who has gained fame through his self-titled YouTube channel. With a passion for music since a young age, Purdy has honed his skills in piano and guitar and is known for his impeccable vocal abilities. He aspires to become one of the biggest music developers in the future and continues to captivate his YouTube audience with his unique musical content and regular vlogs. Recognized for his vibrant fashion sense and love for the spotlight, Purdy has always had a desire to entertain others. Beyond his online persona, he is a skateboarder and enjoys engaging in adventurous activities.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 25 Years
  • Family: Siblings – George
  • U.S. State: Wisconsin

Rise to Stardom

Roy Purdy started making music when he was just ten years old. He then took piano and guitar lessons and went on to perform in a 1980s’ rock cover band for a few years in middle and high school. He launched his YouTube channel on November 7, 2012. Since then, Purdy has been uploading a wide variety of videos on it. These videos include skateboarding videos where he shows off his brilliant skateboarding skills. Some of these videos, including ‘skateboarding + dancing + randomness’ and ‘Woodward Skate Montage,’ are definitely worth watching.

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Besides these, Purdy has shared a number of music videos on the channel. Some of his music videos one just should not miss watching are ‘Roy Purdy – “Art$y Bit¢h” (Official Music Video) ‘ and ‘Roy Purdy – Cookin’ Ramen (Music Video)’. Apart from music and skateboarding videos, the young social media personality has also posted several general vlogs on his channel. These videos are fun to watch, especially for people who want to know more about Purdy and his personal life.

Personal Life

Roy Purdy was born on February 25, 1998 in Appleton, Wisconsin, the USA. He has a younger brother named George who has filmed a large number of his YouTube videos. He plans to expand his repertoire by venturing into other creative and artistic fields including acting and fashion. Information regarding Purdy’s parents, such as their names, occupations, and background is missing from the web. The American musician cum vlogger also hasn’t revealed the details about his love life to his fans.


Roy Purdy destroyed his famous green and pink glasses in his ‘Who Run It’ remix!

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