Ruby Franke Biography

Ruby Franke is an American YouTube personality who gained fame by sharing family videos on her channel, ‘8 Passengers’. With a unique approach to the video-sharing platform, Ruby’s content showcases the joy of being part of a large family. Starting in 2015, she documented the adventures of her baby girl, Eve, and gradually gained a dedicated following. Growing up in a big family herself, Ruby’s expertise in handling family dynamics contributed to her success as a YouTube star. With 2.29 million subscribers, her original and engaging videos have made ‘8 Passengers’ a popular channel.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 41 Years
  • Family:
    • Spouse/Ex-: Kevin Franke
    • Father: Chad Griffith
    • Mother: Jennifer Griffith
    • Siblings: Beau Griffiths, Bonnie Hoellein, Ellie Mecham, Julie Deru
  • Born Country: United States
  • U.S. State: Utah

Early Life

Ruby Franke was born on 18 January 1982 in Utah, USA to Chad and Jennifer Griffith. She is the oldest among five siblings and she spent most of her childhood years with her family. She was very close to her family and later said in one of her videos that her mother was the best person she could have hoped to have as her caretaker. She also said that each and every effort of her mother to make her happy, including her habit of taking her out shopping on her birthday, made her realize the importance of a mother in a family. After becoming a mother herself, she wanted to teach the younger generation the value of motherhood. Especially to those who frequently disrespect their respective mother. She started her YouTube channel in 2015 in an attempt to show the world the value of a closely-knit family and motherhood.

Social Media Career

Ruby Franke’s first video was titled ‘The Making of Eve’, which documented her young daughter Eve. The video showcased how Eve got along with the rest of the family members. The video was uploaded in January 2015 and has so far garnered more than a million views. Initially, the channel struggled to amass a considerable number of views as it had managed to gain just a couple of subscribers. But Ruby’s fan base grew over a period of time and gradually, her channel started garnering more subscribers. Since the channel did not get a great response initially, Ruby Franke was reluctant to post her videos on a regular basis. But as responses started flowing in, she eventually became a frequent uploader. She then started uploading videos almost every day and came up with different themes in order to keep her fans entertained. Ruby homeschooled her kids and shared the same on her channel. She also shared parenting tips with her viewers and other useful information pertaining to raising kids. Her videos usually flew in every morning at six. Apart from the useful information that she shared on her channel, what made her videos famous are the antics of her six children, who do silly things, making her videos funny and authentic. While shooting her videos, Ruby Franke also made sure to incorporate certain elements that may inspire women to embrace motherhood.

Family & Personal Life

Ruby Franke grew up in a large family, along with four siblings. Interestingly, all her siblings have their own successful YouTube channels. Ruby Franke married her long-time boyfriend, Kevin. Ruby and Kevin are blessed with six children, and the entire family is responsible for making their family channel a success.

Controversies and Scandals

While Ruby Franke became popular for her family vlogs, many expressed concern over her stern parenting style. In one instance, she took away her son’s bed for 7 months as a punishment. Things became worse after her affiliation with ConneXions, a parent coaching platform. By January 2022, Ruby stopped posting on her Youtube channel and became a permanent member and partner of ConneXions. Amid bubbling speculations of the apparent rift in the family, Shari Franke spoke on social media about her reservations regarding ConneXions. Shari also attested to the rumors that she was indeed not in touch with her family. Further Ruby’s sister Julie also spoke against ConneXions on Instagram and mentioned how the platform has torn apart families.

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