Sabrina Vaz Biography

Sabrina Vaz, a Canadian YouTube singer and social media personality, gained fame through her self-titled channel where she shares cover songs, beauty and fashion videos, and vlogs. With over 381k subscribers and 131 million views, her channel has garnered a significant following. Additionally, Vaz has a strong presence on Instagram, boasting more than 41k followers. Known for her confidence and independence, she openly shares her life stories and remains unaffected by others’ opinions. Vaz is a carefree individual who enjoys spending time with her cousin and best friend, Kaylei, often collaborating on YouTube videos together.

Quick Facts

  • Canadian Celebrities Born In October
  • Age: 26 Years
  • 26 Year Old Females
  • Family: Siblings – Samantha
  • Height: 5’4″ (163 cm)
  • City: Windsor, Canada

Rise to Stardom

Sabrina Vaz created her self-titled YouTube channel on May 4, 2009. Since then, she has been posting a lot of enticing stuff on the channel including cover songs, beauty tips, makeup tutorials, challenges, travel vlogs and much more. One of the most popular song videos on her channel is ‘Nicki Minaj – Starships cover by Sabrina Vaz’. This video, with over 21 million views (as of April 2018), features the Canadian beauty’s cover of the popular Nicki Minaj single. Her melodious voice makes the cover extremely soothing to the ears! Sabrina Vaz has also covered songs by several other popular artistes, such as Avril Lavigne, Ellie Goulding, and Taylor Swift.

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Her channel has also got some popular vlogs including ‘My Morning Routine by Sabrina Vaz’ and ‘My Tattoos by Sabrina Vaz’. While the first video, with over 2.2 million views, features Vaz’s every day morning routine, the second one with over a 1 million views depicts her tattoos. These videos give her fans a glimpse into her personal life and help them learn more about her as an individual.

Personal Life

Sabrina Vaz was born on October 1, 1997 in Windsor, Canada. Her mother is French while her father is Portuguese. She has an elder sister named Samantha. She developed a keen interest in music at a young age. At the age of three, she told her parents that she would be a popular singer one day. During her early days, she used to fall asleep to Ricky Martin’s music with a microphone in her hand. Her biggest musical inspirations are the Beatles, Lana Del Rey and Nirvana.

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She has got a few good friends including Charlene and Miranda. The Canadian beauty has a cousin named Kaylei who is also her best friend. The duo frequently collaborates on YouTube for Vaz’s videos. They also travel and party in the town very often.

Her biggest female icon is Marilyn Monroe.

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