SaiDee Nelson Biography

SaiDee Nelson, an American YouTube star, is a prominent member of the renowned YouTube family channel, Not Enough Nelsons. As one of the 9 adopted children of Benji and Tiffany Nelson, who manage the channel, SaiDee contributes to the channel’s entertaining pranks, vlogs, and other engaging content. Additionally, she has gained a significant following on Instagram.

Quick Facts

  • Also Known As: Kenadie
  • Age: 16 Years, 16 Year Old Females
  • Family:
    • Father: Benji Nelson
    • Mother: Tiffany Nelson
    • Siblings: Luke Nelson, Bekham Nelson, Bridger Nelson, DeLayNee, ElleCee Faith Nelson, Jain Nelson, KassaDee Lee Nelson Parker, KennaDee Kay Haddock, Ledger Nike Nelson, LiLee Anne Nelson, NayVee Grace Nelson, PaisLee Jaine Nelson, PresLee Grace Nelson
  • Born Country: United States

Early Life

SaiDee Nelson was just 2 years old when she was adopted by YouTuber couple Benji and Tiffany Nelson. Originally named Kenadie, she was later renamed SaiDee by her adoptive parents to avoid confusion with her adoptive sister, KennaDee. Interestingly, the Nelsons had initially changed SaiDee’s name to LeXee. SaiDee lost her biological mother, Amy, in 2023. She is currently in high school and dislikes Math. She also failed a year in elementary school. SaiDee is involved in competitive cheerleading and is a member of the Champion All-Stars Senior-2 team for 2023-24. She has also played soccer for her high school team.

Social Media Career

SaiDee gained popularity through her participation in the family YouTube channel, Not Enough Nelsons. The channel, created by her adoptive parents in 2018, features family vlogs, pranks, and comedy skits involving Tiffany, Benji, and their 16 children, many of whom are adopted. In a Q&A video on the channel, SaiDee admitted to having crushes on YouTuber Lev Cameron Khmelev and TikTok star Tony Lopez. She has also been featured in a morning routine video that quickly garnered over 3 million views. SaiDee is also active on Instagram, where she has her own account, saideefaithnelson, which has gained a large following through its engaging content showcasing her life, friends, and family.

Family Life

SaiDee Nelson is a member of the Nelson family, a popular YouTube family consisting of Tiffany and Benji Nelson and their 16 children. Nine of their children are adopted, including SaiDee’s biological siblings LiLee, DeLayNee, and Luke. SaiDee is also the half-sister of Beckham and ElleCee, who were also adopted by the Nelsons. Her other siblings include Ledger, KassaDee, PresLee, Paislee, NayVee, JourNee, KennaDee, Bridger, Trey, and Jaine. On her biological father’s side, SaiDee has three older brothers.

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