Sat Hari Khalsa Biography

Sat Hari Khalsa is an American entrepreneur and spiritual healer who gained fame in 2018 for her connection to Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. As the owner of the jewelry company ‘AMRIT Jewelry,’ Khalsa’s designs have been worn by various celebrities, including Emma Watson, Courtney Cox, and even Brad Pitt’s ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 54 Years
  • Family: Children – Amrit
  • Occupation: Business Women
  • Nationality: American

Early Life

Sat Hari Khalsa was born in the United States of America. However, at a very young age, she was sent to a boarding school in India, where she spent her childhood and became acquainted with Indian customs. During her time in India, Khalsa developed a fascination with precious gems and the ancient symbolism associated with jewelry making. She would often visit local astrologers and gem dealers to learn more about symbolism and the benefits of wearing specific stones for different occasions. Additionally, Khalsa practiced holistic healing, which involves balancing the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of humans. She stayed in India until the age of 18 and then returned to the United States.


Khalsa’s time in India was deeply formative and profound for her. It was during this time that she began designing jewelry, which eventually led to her career as a jewelry designer. After returning to the United States, her designs gained wide acceptance, making her a promising young jewelry designer. Her popularity grew within certain circles, leading to opportunities to design for famous celebrities. Khalsa’s jewelry was believed to bring about positive changes for the wearer, further enhancing its popularity. Her designs played a significant role in her success, and she even started designing for Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston. This connection allowed her to personally know insiders in the industry. Khalsa eventually became the owner of ‘AMRIT Jewelry’ and her popularity continued to rise as other actresses like Emma Watson and Courtney Cox started wearing her designs. However, Khalsa’s success was not solely due to her jewelry-making skills. Her secondary career as a holistic healer also contributed to her popularity. She has worked as a personal holistic healer, and there are rumors that she once toured with a world-renowned rock band, possibly the ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers.’ Currently, Khalsa manages her jewelry company and works as a holistic healer, serving a clientele of celebrities, business professionals, and artists.

Personal Life

Khalsa attributes her success to her time spent in India, which introduced her to various health practices and nurtured her spiritual life. She is a firm believer in astrology and gemology, the science of dealing with natural and artificial gemstone materials. Khalsa gained significant attention when she was spotted with Brad Pitt at a charity event, sparking dating rumors. However, it was later confirmed that they were not dating. Khalsa enjoys traveling to India and often spends her holidays there. She has a daughter named Amrit, and a photograph of them spending quality time at the ‘Golden Temple’ in Punjab, India was posted on her jewelry company’s official Instagram page. Khalsa currently resides in Los Angeles, United States, with her daughter.

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