Savannah Montano Biography

Savannah Montano, an American model, social-media personality, and entrepreneur, gained fame through platforms like ‘Tumblr’ and ‘Vine’ before amassing a large following on ‘Instagram.’ Known for her stylish posts on the platform, Savannah has also ventured into the fashion industry with her e-commerce site, ‘Disruptive Youth,’ offering a diverse collection of clothing and accessories curated to her own fashion sense. Additionally, she is recognized for her partnership with model Jessey Stevens, as they co-own a popular ‘YouTube’ channel called ‘Sav and Jay.’

Quick Facts

  • Boyfriend: Jessey Stevens Age: 27 Years
  • Family:
    • Father: Dr. Robert Montano
    • Mother: Elena
    • Siblings: Sebastian
  • U.S. State: Florida


Savannah began her career as a fashion blogger on the app ‘Tumblr’ and gained popularity in 2011. She also joined ‘Vine’ and amassed over 430 thousand followers before the app was taken down. Savannah’s ‘Instagram’ account was hacked a few years ago, leading her to delete it and create a new one. Her current ‘Instagram’ account now has over a million followers. Her profile on the platform showcases her passion for photography, particularly through her beach photographs where she flaunts her curves in designer swimwear.

Savannah’s impeccable fashion sense inspired her to launch her own e-commerce website called ‘Disruptive Youth’ in January 2015. With the help of her father, she created an exclusive collection of clothing and accessories that reflect her personal taste. While Savannah serves as the co-founder and creative director of ‘Disruptive Youth,’ her father is the CEO of the company. The company’s warehouse and headquarters are located in Delray Beach, Florida, where Savannah spends most of her time working with her creative team. She sources clothing items and accessories at wholesale rates and uses them to create unique fashion items that are then sold on her website. Savannah is now planning to create her own line of designer clothes and accessories.

YouTube and Social Media

Savannah owns a collaborative ‘YouTube’ channel with her boyfriend, Jessey Stevens, called ‘Sav and Jay.’ The channel primarily features vlogs about their daily romantic moments. They gained over 502 thousand subscribers on the platform. Savannah also has her own individual ‘YouTube’ channel with a little over a hundred thousand subscribers. Additionally, she has a ‘Twitter’ account with over 956 thousand followers.

Personal Life

Savannah was born on September 30, 1996, in South Florida, to Dr. Robert Montano and his wife, Elena, a dentist. She has a younger brother named Sebastian. Savannah is currently in a relationship with ‘Instagram’ star and model Jessey Stevens. She frequently shares pictures with Jessey on her social media accounts. Jessey also serves as Savannah’s chief photographer and helps her create content for her social media platforms.

In 2016, Savannah and Jessey briefly broke up, causing disappointment among their fans. However, they quickly reconciled and confirmed their patch-up in April 2017. They celebrated their three-year anniversary on July 28, 2017, and shared an adorable picture on social media to commemorate the occasion.

Savannah is known for her fit and curvaceous body. In 2015, she started following a pescatarian diet and eliminated dairy and eggs from her meals. She transitioned to a vegan diet in 2016, which consists of salads, seafood, and vegetables. She also avoids gluten. Savannah maintains her toned physique through a rigorous workout routine that includes exercises such as crunches, sit-ups, leg lifts, planks, and weightlifting (light weight, high reps). She also engages in cardio exercises from time to time.

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