SelfieC Biography

Courtney Schmidt, also known as “SelfieC,” is a well-known American social-media personality, particularly recognized for her comedic Vines and YouTube content. With a dedicated fan base, SelfieC has gained popularity through her hilarious videos. She has her own YouTube channel where she predominantly shares comedic content. Previously, she was part of a collaborative channel, although it is currently inactive. SelfieC has also become a prominent fashion icon, admired for her impeccable style and makeup expertise, which has attracted thousands of followers on Instagram. In a short span of time, SelfieC has achieved remarkable fame and frequently attends popular social-media events.

Quick Facts

  • Also Known As: Courtney Schmidt
  • Age: 26 Years, 26 Year Old Females
  • U.S. State: California
  • City: Los Angeles

Social-Media Fame

SelfieC, whose real name is Courtney Schmidt, always had a passion for performing in front of the camera. With a flair for comedy, she decided to pursue a career as a social-media personality. She adopted the pseudonym “SelfieC” by combining the term “selfie” printed on a sweatshirt she frequently wore and the first letter of her first name.

Vine and YouTube Career

SelfieC began her social-media journey on the platform Vine, where she posted comedy sketches. Her first Vine was posted on May 23, 2013. She gained popularity by collaborating with other popular Viners such as Alexia Raye and Lycia Faith. However, Vine was eventually shut down.

She then transitioned to YouTube and joined a collaborative channel called “Glamssgirls” or “MODO by Nattalie Janette,” which focused on fashion and beauty content. Although the channel is no longer active, it still has over 97 thousand subscribers. SelfieC now has her own self-titled YouTube channel, where she shares comedy sketches, beauty, and fashion-related content. She has collaborated with various artists and Viners, including Devin Hayes, Malak Watson, and Tayvion Power.

Social-Media Presence

In addition to YouTube, SelfieC is also popular on Instagram and Twitter. She has over 392 thousand followers on Instagram and 115 thousand followers on Twitter.

Personal Life

SelfieC, born on October 31, 1997, in California, grew up with an older brother and sister. She graduated from high school in 2018 and was a member of the school’s swim team. SelfieC started swimming at the age of 3 and began competitive swimming at 7. She is currently preparing for higher studies and plans to pursue a job in the future.

In her free time, SelfieC enjoys spending time with her friend Sabrina and drawing. She has a fondness for crop tops and believes they can be paired with any type of clothing. High-waisted shorts, floppy hats, and circular sunglasses are among her favorite fashion choices. SelfieC is a loyal customer of ‘UsTrendy’ and loves their collection of colorful rompers. Her fashion icons are Kylie and Kendall Jenner, and her favorite color is blue. She also has a love for baked sweet potatoes and considers Jasmine and Ariel from Disney as her favorite characters.

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