Skylar Healey Biography

Skylar Healey, a Canadian dancer, gained recognition for her role as Skylar in the hit TV drama ‘The Next Step.’ With a passion for dance, Skylar joined the show in its third season and has since become a prominent member of the cast. Prior to her television debut, she honed her skills as a contemporary dancer at a dance studio in her hometown. While currently prioritizing her academics, Skylar continues to pursue her dance career with determination.

Quick Facts

  • Canadian Celebrities Born In August
  • Also Known As: Skylar Alexis Healey
  • Age: 24 Years, 24 Year Old Females
  • Family: Siblings: Cierra Healey
  • Dancers
  • Reality TV Personalities

Personal Life

Skylar was born Skylar Alexis Healey on August 25, 1999, in Canada. Her mother was a teacher at St. George German Public School in Brantford, Ontario. Skylar’s parents are divorced. In 2017, she graduated high school and attended St. John’s College in Ontario. During her time in school, she was a skating champion. Skylar is now preparing to study pediatric medicine at Queen’s University.

Dance Career

Skylar’s passion for dance began at a young age. She received professional training at Carol Kitchen’s Dance Centre, a premier dance studio in Brantford, Ontario. She is proficient in contemporary and acrobatic forms of dance.

Skylar’s dance career took off when she was offered a role in the Canadian dance-based mockumentary, The Next Step. She was a fan of the show and knew some of the cast members. Both Skylar and her sister, Cierra, auditioned for the show. Skylar was thrilled when she and her sister were both selected. Although they had trained together, they performed together for the first time on the show, where they were portrayed as competitors.

Skylar joined the show as “Skylar” in its third season. Initially, she was a member of the Elite Dance Academy, but later became the dance captain of the rival fictional team, Gemini Dance Studio. Sharing the screen with her sister was a great experience for Skylar.

After the show ended, Skylar’s popularity grew, and she was approached by several dance studios to train their students. She and her sister were invited by Apex Dance Industry to conduct a dance workshop for their students.

Interests and Hobbies

When Skylar is not dancing, she enjoys drawing, singing, and swimming. She also loves traveling to beaches. However, she dislikes liars, strawberries, and cold pizza.

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